Has anyone had or heard of issues with leaving a car at David airport for a month or 6 weeks while traveling to US?



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People park in the mud because they don’t want to walk from the other area. I was there this morning, there were lots of places to park. Other folks can do as they please, of course, but I’ll be continuing to drive myself to the Airport. In 14 years I’ve never had an issue of any sort.

Same here. Keith you have been lucky, or we have been unlucky!

Precisely, and if everyone just left their car in the lot or in the dirt, soon the cars would overflow into the fields all around.   There are times when the taxi don't have room either.  

The parking lot is just that----parking for people flying. It isn't there for the coffees shops. There is not enough businesses in this airport to support this parking. Dropping off and picking up is never a problem in David airport. Taxis do not park here. I have left my car there many times for at least a week at the time. I would NOT park any  where else in David for long periods of time unless there is a closed building with guards there. Of course taxis and "others" do not want you using the parking lot for long term. It's called a choice in parking there. I prefer leaving my car there instead of supporting "others."

I go to the airport to pick up folks at the airport.  Each time I must look for a parking place because the parking lot is full or nearly so.  In order to get a good parking place, it is necessary to come an hour or two early.  If you are going to the airport to leave, it means that you are there an hour early at least for the departure.  Sure you get a place real easy.  That departure plane is the one that just arrived from Panama city. When you leave the airport there is a new parking spot that apparently others will fill up for weeks or months because they don't care what problems other people have in finding a parking spot.  I can't be any clearer than that.  Don't do this at the bus terminal because they will tow you.  Don't do this at most stores because they value their parking places.  They will tow you.  Just because there is security and you can get away with something does not make it right or good or recommended.

Ross, are you a licensed taxi? If so, go into the airport and file a complaint with the airport authority.

I'm not a taxi at all.  I do shopping tours.  I discovered that many of the cars are employees at the airport and are probably supposed to park elsewhere.  There should be a designated long term parking area with a fence around it for extra security.

what are shopping tours for at the airport? Coffee, clothes, dinner, breakfast, tools, lawn mowers, buying cars?????????

Not trying to belabor a point here but when I flew into David this morning at 8:00 a.m., which is a relatively busy time at the Airport, I observed plenty of available parking and there was one more space after I left.

Ross.. every airport has both long term and short term parking. It's just not managed in the way you would like it to be at the David facility.

It's also quite likely that the vast majority of the vehicles parked there do not belong to extranjeros from Boquete. 

Like many other people I often commute to Panama, usually for a few days, and like many other travelers, I drive myself and leave my car there. Sorry, but I do not consider that to be selfish, as you suggest.

Cars and taxis picking up and dropping off passengers are instructed to line up alongside the building, in front of the departure lounge, and then proceed to the loading zone in front of the main doors.


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