The old models FJ40 around 1977-1980 thanks


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Call Dave McDonald 6571-8627
does he have one for sale but thanks for the reply

Yes, he does.


I also know of 2 others, one with a brand new gas engine, and the other with a rebuilt diesel.


Hello! We ve a car business in Panama , you may call my son at: 6672-2182 maybe he can get you one or look at:



Thank you,







thanks here is another question for you since you are in the car buisiness where would I get car insurance at in panama are there any place that are online thank
Magda Crespo is a very responsible, bilingual agent based here in Boquete who works with all major insurers.

Here is a link to a rig in Panama City.




I restore old Land Cruiser as a hobby, I think your best bet will be buying from a individual. If you are here in Panama, look around, many are for sale. Most are in rough shape, need a lot of work. Most parts are available here in Panama, the eye wash stuff must come from the U.S., Canada or Australia. Be prepared to do a lot of work on one. FJ40 are not common here in Panama, the ones that are very common are the BJ/HJ40 series. FJ is gas, BJ/HJ is diesel...Good luck............
Are there any BJ40 for sale that you know of thanks
I have seen for sale signs on a few around, do not know how to get in touch. When you are driving just look, you will see them.... I do not know what your expectations are, but plan on spending $4,000.00 plus for one that is drivable....Do your home work....Again, good luck...............
hello Dustin
are you still looking as i have one for sale, you can call me on 6491-5579 Howard

can you send me pics of it and how much are you offering it for thanks you can use my personal e-mail


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