I am looking for someone going to the u.s. who will drop two letters in a mail box for me,  Greatly appreciated.

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call Jane tullsen 6869 3838 if you will carry the letters for me or email janiej44k@hushmail.com

Someone just left on Thursday with mail for the US.  The BCP tries, usually very successfully, to have someone take the mail every week.  Letters may be left in a box on the table just outside the theater.  Stamps are available if the sender does not have them.

The BCP organizes the mail service as a volunteer contribution to the community. Every body who carries the mail back to the US is an unpaid volunteer. The BCP policy is that your must bring your letters (no packages) to the BCP between 9 and 11:30 every Tuesday. If this inconveniences you, we will not let you inconvenience the volunteer by tracking them down to make special arrangements for your mail.

well i feel sufficiently chastised. thank you for the reprimand. now is there anyone besides Penny and the bcp who can and will carry two letters for me. i am also aware that they can be mailed at the local p.o.

i will pay you $20 to simply drop them in a u.s.mailbox. they are stamped and ready


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