Meet "Mario West".....Hey Dario....does Cora Kent know the town maniac is selling her property?

HOW MANY NAMES DO YOU HAVE? Boat Broker Robert and now Real Estate Mogul Mario?

Guaranteed Return

I feel so strongly about this opportunity I am personally will to guarantee success upon purchase of this property.  I am confident because this turn key business comes with a manual describing HOW to operate your newly purchased business – business plan and all.  All you have to do is follow the plan and follow the researched formula to your success.

This is a proven income stream with instructions to continue it’s success.  There is land that can be developed enhancing your property.  This is an Entrepreneur’s Dream.

Easy immigration and documentation await you in the sunny Republic of Panama.  You can email Mario directly This turn key dream is only minutes away.


First eliminate the middle man, my interest in selling this business are personal.  The friend is a longtime friend aging and unable to care for the property like before.  I would like to see this property find a good owner and appreciation it deserves.  Interested parties will deal direct with the owner, no brokers or agents allowed.  Closing costs are kept to their bare minimum ussing our expert attorney handling our affairs for more than 20 years.

Owner financing available with $200,000 usd deposit and execution of our terms of up to 25 years!  You really have no excuses becausr this is well within your reach. So what are you waiting for?  Email or call 6554-0629 now.  I predict this deal wil close no later than March 2018  .  Dont delay –  call today.

Selling El Santuario as Mario West. What is your plan there? Do you plan to pocket the 200K with "owner financing" the same way you plan to pocket the money for that poor woman's boat in Colon? How many women are you running cons on right now Dario Mario? Where is Angela, Dario? Does she know you have taken up with Kirsten? I see that you reduced the price on that boat for a quick sell but where is Angela and her dogs? 

You claimed that the boat money was all yours, Angela would be putting it all in your account and then  Angela would be put to work in the sex trade making money for you?  You know,  your sex slave?  You remembered her last week when you were posing as "Robert", the broker of her boat. When I talked to you  you couldn't produce her so I could know if she was OK. Like I didn't know that was you. Clearly I don't think you are capable of keeping any woman safe...particularly one you are preying on... this one is especially sad because her husband is in prison for almost killing her and she's stuck here from the UK and you are trying to take the last dime she has in the world. But you are her "Daddy" according to this ghastly string of texts I have on this. You are going to take care of her....right?  Basically like you did for Janet taking every last sent she had and stressing and beating her to her grave....oh and Renata promising websites....if I can find all this out from America, God only knows how many woman you are exploiting. 

Nice beard Mario....Xavier....Robert....Walter and the other slew of aliases you had on Ning. Remember that one troll on Ning rants that changed his name a dozen times. SURPRISE! It was Dario. Dude, you leave ALOT of breadcrumbs.  How many people are you exactly? Are you this dazzling let me make you a millionaire winner buildin' "incubator" or a face biting, tiny woman terrorizing, financially exploiting, mace spraying nutter? I'm going with option 2 as I know too painfully what you are capable of.

I pray to God someone is looking out for Cora Kent (as apparently her daughter has already fallen for this carnies hustle as evidenced by this crazy ad claiming himself this incredible businessman offering up El Santurario as "turn key business" as though he owns it.) Old friend of family? Really? You've only been haunting Boquete a few short years bud....So full of it. Kirsten to quote Whoopie...."Girl, you in danger". You are seriously reading like the makings of a victim in an Anne Rule book. Pull your head out. He wants your money...actually your parents money. As my friend Janet was fond of saying "Get In Your Wu-Chi Stance".

Four hours before her life was cut short she left these last words. You would be wise to heed them.

"If something seems like it's too good to be true, it probably is". 


Also pictured is Angela....If anyone knows of her whereabouts or her well being please message me as soon as possible. Given his documented intentions for her and his ongoing abuses towards people I am legitimately concerned for her safety. Some has been omitted because it's just so awful.

[12/11/2016 07:13:04] Dario Belenfante: she calls me her daddy. the ship is mine. its all mine. like if i was squires
[12/11/2016 07:13:31] Dario Belenfante: but i will use all to make us strong and turn her loose later when she is healthier.
[. yes, the universe has given me a great gift worth about €30,000
[12/11/2016 07:15:40] Dario Belenfante: my challenge is selling i

[12/11/2016 07:17:48] Dario Belenfante: opps €60,000 yes. we are selling for only $25,000 usd
[12/11/2016 07:18:34] Dario Belenfante: yes its big
[12/11/2016 07:19:25] Dario Belenfante: with everything aboard boat i can stay on boat without going to land. it can cross atlantic ocean

[12/11/2016 07:23:22] (Protected Source): this ship belongs to them both,yes?
[12/11/2016 07:23:36] Dario Belenfante: all money will be deposited in my account.
[12/11/2016 07:24:47] Dario Belenfante: yes. he squandered $160.000. this is all that remains. he treated her badly. he still does. he will come out and kill her. he says what happened is her fault m he is crazy
[12/11/2016 07:25:37] Dario Belenfante: she was there waiting to die when i met her
[12/11/2016 07:27:05] Dario Belenfante: i am helping angela because she has no way to make legal money in panama
[12/11/2016 07:27:12] (Protected Source): there has to be something
[12/11/2016 07:27:24] Dario Belenfante: she can cook
[12/11/2016 07:27:33] Dario Belenfante: and suck dick
[12/11/2016 07:28:15] Dario Belenfante: she wants to be sex worker. a bad man would use her up. she is damaged woman. she does not love herself
[12/11/2016 07:28:38] Dario Belenfante: she is for a man to use. i will keep her safe like daddy.
[12/11/2016 07:28:46] Dario Belenfante: and use her too.


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Produce Angela and I promise not to say another word. Where is she?

Kirsten! Those were HIS messages! There is nothing that isn't disturbing about that context! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?????

I don't believe you.I would like a photo of her holding a newspaper with a current date. "Robert" has my email.

At worst she's not best she has no idea what Dario really planned for her. 

There are outstanding restraining orders against him and outstanding denuncias filed against him. He has not been cleared of these charges and, in fact, has been jailed based on them. If there are delusions here, they are yours. Testimony aside, you are deluded if you still have faith in him after having read his filthy, threatening emails.

I can and HAVE produced my protection order.

Oh so are you Xavier, International Female Journalist of Mystery? She didn't threaten to "assassinate" Dario. Your message to her was insane. Posing as a journalist, ramble ramble. Clearly the message had a typo. She's just a single woman trying to protect herself, dogs and an elderly Mother. Perfect prey for your "boy".  Would that be the same chain of messages where you malign Janet Lange who clearly isn't here to speak for herself and Dario spoke for the night that while he knew she was in a full fledged heart attack made her get up and dress and wait at a bus stop for an aid car because THERE WAS A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIM BEING ON HER PROPERTY. Look THAT one up. That was for the last time he not only beat her in that house but also trashed it turning the refrigerator over. That woman didn't have much but she treasured everything she did. Her landlords had a retraining order and rather than leave his wife where she was at where she was at knowing she was having a heart attack he made her walk up the hill to the bus stop.  Why? Because he was happy to risk her life rather than go to jail like he deserved. He sure delivered on that "having a surprise for that bitch Janet that was going to make her really sad". We will never know though because sadly he was her only voice that night. Real man you got there.I don't know what you call it when you consistently threaten, abuse and assault someone knowing they have a heart condition....may not be considered murder in a legal sense but it is what it is. She was five feet tall and you spoke of her having a "history of hurting men".It doesn't surprise me that he still talks garbage about her..."oooh she broke my hip"...."ooh she got the town mad at me" well yeah Kirsten...normal people don't cater to woman beaters SHE WAS  FIVE FEET TALL HES  SIX FOOT FOUR! That hip seem to hinder Mario as marketing himself as a "professional body guard". Maybe Mario doesn't have a broken hip, only Dario does. I am TIRED OF THIS CRAP....HIM...THE WHOLE TOWN IS and all you are doing is representing yourself as an accomplice in the nightmare this man has been since slithering into Boquete three years ago. Someone trash talking the dead, a precious woman that you don't even know telling ME to get a life....thats rich. If after Janet died he had made SOME attempt based in action prove he wasn't a full on hater and abuse of women you would never even know who I am. However, that IS what he is and you my dear are not only enabling but participating in it. Keep Janets name out of your mouth, Kirsten. She had the misfortune of being his first victim in Boquete but would NEVER associate with him knowing what you do. She was a womans woman to the core. 


I don’t have anything to discuss about what is being said here accept for you. I promised your mom I would contact you and I dropped the ball - I am her investing buddy. 

I promise I will be in touch and send Cora an email now. 


People believe it because it's the truth Kristen. Clearly the type of relationship you now have with him prevents you from WANTING to know the truth. Truth is truth.

Where is Angela and her dogs? Why do you not have any empathy or care for her wellbeing or any other woman he has hurt? Why is HE still selling her boat? Why wouldn't he put her contact with me to let me know she is OK? Pimping stranded domestic violence victims and stealing their money is something I am happy to make that my business. How grotesque. How are you ok with that as a woman? You are welcome to the un-edited version but the horrible pornography he sent I will save for the police in case she is indeed missing.

What is so special about you that you think he couldn't turn on you viciously like he has everyone else who ever tried to help him? There have been tons because yeah....the guy can spin a brilliant yarn.

Here....have some un-edited more of this. As you are such a proponent of is a testimonial from Dario as to what he gets from the program. 

[12/11/2016 06:36:40] Dario Belenfante: then u will love me but there are others that love me too now. and i have discovered a new freedom to be as i want
[12/11/2016 06:37:35] renata tekila: u mean who loves u now?
[12/11/2016 06:38:24] Dario Belenfante: and this happened as a result of the changes i made thru AA LOL. yes. i improved me and now im irresistable to women. now i want three wives and lots of sex. would u be one. ?
[12/11/2016 06:38:49] Dario Belenfante: i love u
[12/11/2016 06:38:57] renata tekila: so u are getting a lot of attention now?
[12/11/2016 06:38:58] Dario Belenfante: and care about what happens
[12/11/2016 06:39:16] Dario Belenfante: and will present u opportunities to make money
[12/11/2016 06:39:24] Dario Belenfante: yes
[12/11/2016 06:39:40] renata tekila: wow good ...tell me more about it...
[12/11/2016 06:39:46] renata tekila: on AA u have gf?
[12/11/2016 06:39:48] Dario Belenfante: i want u closer
[12/11/2016 06:40:29] Dario Belenfante: no AA gf. outside AA but because of program i am a better man.
[12/11/2016 06:40:36] Dario Belenfante: not sick like before

Right....."I'm" delusional. 

I don't enjoy this. I could have gone the rest of my life not knowing the extent of this mans depravity. YUCK, for real just gross. I just happen to care about someone besides myself and would like to do my best to prevent any more  of the pain, heartbreak and misery that follows that man like a bad smell. 

Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas, Kirsten.

Good news at least on one front. Angela was thankfully spared Dario's plans for her and is indeed married, safe from him and not welcome anywhere near her ever.

Thank God, I wish my Janet had been as lucky.

Anyone recognize the whereabouts of this boat? Here he is posing as a man named Robert Williams selling Angela's boat....marked down for "quick sell". I sure would like to find this lady make sure she's OK. I'm not hopeful as when I talked to "Robert" a few weeks ago, he said that Angela "appreciated my concern but she hasn't seen that man since her new husband but "the man I speak of" in the hospital. He also asked me "what town" stateside I was writing from which was a dead giveaway. Also the email he listed was linked to his now defunct Boats To Columbia.

Also received a friend request on Facebook from Cora Kent a month ago. I doubt it was really her as she never responded to the "Yes edited because too pornographic and twisted and I feel bad subjecting anyone to the necessary eye bleaching after" I sent her. Why, because in addition to allowing him access to her family financial dealings she let him use that Facebook to try to get on my page and access ME AND MY WHEREABOUTS. 

He was posing as a woman named Xavier Wright last week, saying he was an International journalist trying to lure on of the women he has stalked and threatened for THREE YEARS...trying to get her to "meet her somewhere". He recently hacked this woman Facebook as well. 

Xavier Wright also happened to be a troll on Ning suspended constantly by JLM that also went by the name of 

"Glen Fraser" "Mark Sanders"  "Xavier Wright", "Mark", "Doug Salazar"  "Walter R. Steiner"

You know what Kirsten, the fact you aren't thanking me for a heads up on what obviously looks like a grifter trying to rip off your Mother and whoever else fell for that "owner financing" 200K down hustle with no recourse, makes me wonder lots about your part in that. Sorry to spoil your "dreams" at the expense of others hard work. You have no idea what your dealing with....a man with as many sides and schisms as alias's and sob stories.

Stop paying his rent and watch what happens....I dare you. 

Could you imagine he's trying to sell the house with my approval?  The financing with down payment is real. There is no scam. Our attorney is the most respected in town.  The opportunity is great for a buyer who wants to live in Boquete.

If anyone has any evidence, I encourage them to present it to the authorities.  All I have ever seen is one-sided, year-old "dirt" from people who refuse to use their name and/or present it in court.

The boat is in Portobello. Call the port captain.  She's with her husband.  


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