Meet "Mario West".....Hey Dario....does Cora Kent know the town maniac is selling her property?

HOW MANY NAMES DO YOU HAVE? Boat Broker Robert and now Real Estate Mogul Mario?

Guaranteed Return

I feel so strongly about this opportunity I am personally will to guarantee success upon purchase of this property.  I am confident because this turn key business comes with a manual describing HOW to operate your newly purchased business – business plan and all.  All you have to do is follow the plan and follow the researched formula to your success.

This is a proven income stream with instructions to continue it’s success.  There is land that can be developed enhancing your property.  This is an Entrepreneur’s Dream.

Easy immigration and documentation await you in the sunny Republic of Panama.  You can email Mario directly This turn key dream is only minutes away.


First eliminate the middle man, my interest in selling this business are personal.  The friend is a longtime friend aging and unable to care for the property like before.  I would like to see this property find a good owner and appreciation it deserves.  Interested parties will deal direct with the owner, no brokers or agents allowed.  Closing costs are kept to their bare minimum ussing our expert attorney handling our affairs for more than 20 years.

Owner financing available with $200,000 usd deposit and execution of our terms of up to 25 years!  You really have no excuses becausr this is well within your reach. So what are you waiting for?  Email or call 6554-0629 now.  I predict this deal wil close no later than March 2018  .  Dont delay –  call today.

Selling El Santuario as Mario West. What is your plan there? Do you plan to pocket the 200K with "owner financing" the same way you plan to pocket the money for that poor woman's boat in Colon? How many women are you running cons on right now Dario Mario? Where is Angela, Dario? Does she know you have taken up with Kirsten? I see that you reduced the price on that boat for a quick sell but where is Angela and her dogs? 

You claimed that the boat money was all yours, Angela would be putting it all in your account and then  Angela would be put to work in the sex trade making money for you?  You know,  your sex slave?  You remembered her last week when you were posing as "Robert", the broker of her boat. When I talked to you  you couldn't produce her so I could know if she was OK. Like I didn't know that was you. Clearly I don't think you are capable of keeping any woman safe...particularly one you are preying on... this one is especially sad because her husband is in prison for almost killing her and she's stuck here from the UK and you are trying to take the last dime she has in the world. But you are her "Daddy" according to this ghastly string of texts I have on this. You are going to take care of her....right?  Basically like you did for Janet taking every last sent she had and stressing and beating her to her grave....oh and Renata promising websites....if I can find all this out from America, God only knows how many woman you are exploiting. 

Nice beard Mario....Xavier....Robert....Walter and the other slew of aliases you had on Ning. Remember that one troll on Ning rants that changed his name a dozen times. SURPRISE! It was Dario. Dude, you leave ALOT of breadcrumbs.  How many people are you exactly? Are you this dazzling let me make you a millionaire winner buildin' "incubator" or a face biting, tiny woman terrorizing, financially exploiting, mace spraying nutter? I'm going with option 2 as I know too painfully what you are capable of.

I pray to God someone is looking out for Cora Kent (as apparently her daughter has already fallen for this carnies hustle as evidenced by this crazy ad claiming himself this incredible businessman offering up El Santurario as "turn key business" as though he owns it.) Old friend of family? Really? You've only been haunting Boquete a few short years bud....So full of it. Kirsten to quote Whoopie...."Girl, you in danger". You are seriously reading like the makings of a victim in an Anne Rule book. Pull your head out. He wants your money...actually your parents money. As my friend Janet was fond of saying "Get In Your Wu-Chi Stance".

Four hours before her life was cut short she left these last words. You would be wise to heed them.

"If something seems like it's too good to be true, it probably is". 


Also pictured is Angela....If anyone knows of her whereabouts or her well being please message me as soon as possible. Given his documented intentions for her and his ongoing abuses towards people I am legitimately concerned for her safety. Some has been omitted because it's just so awful.

[12/11/2016 07:13:04] Dario Belenfante: she calls me her daddy. the ship is mine. its all mine. like if i was squires
[12/11/2016 07:13:31] Dario Belenfante: but i will use all to make us strong and turn her loose later when she is healthier.
[. yes, the universe has given me a great gift worth about €30,000
[12/11/2016 07:15:40] Dario Belenfante: my challenge is selling i

[12/11/2016 07:17:48] Dario Belenfante: opps €60,000 yes. we are selling for only $25,000 usd
[12/11/2016 07:18:34] Dario Belenfante: yes its big
[12/11/2016 07:19:25] Dario Belenfante: with everything aboard boat i can stay on boat without going to land. it can cross atlantic ocean

[12/11/2016 07:23:22] (Protected Source): this ship belongs to them both,yes?
[12/11/2016 07:23:36] Dario Belenfante: all money will be deposited in my account.
[12/11/2016 07:24:47] Dario Belenfante: yes. he squandered $160.000. this is all that remains. he treated her badly. he still does. he will come out and kill her. he says what happened is her fault m he is crazy
[12/11/2016 07:25:37] Dario Belenfante: she was there waiting to die when i met her
[12/11/2016 07:27:05] Dario Belenfante: i am helping angela because she has no way to make legal money in panama
[12/11/2016 07:27:12] (Protected Source): there has to be something
[12/11/2016 07:27:24] Dario Belenfante: she can cook
[12/11/2016 07:27:33] Dario Belenfante: and suck dick
[12/11/2016 07:28:15] Dario Belenfante: she wants to be sex worker. a bad man would use her up. she is damaged woman. she does not love herself
[12/11/2016 07:28:38] Dario Belenfante: she is for a man to use. i will keep her safe like daddy.
[12/11/2016 07:28:46] Dario Belenfante: and use her too.


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Is this your final answer? Because ALL people including "Texans" would attempt to defend themselves after the following.

Pepper spraying the man in the face, hitting him on the head with his golf club, trying to poke his eye out breaking his glasses and cutting his face, then biting him on the arm?

That's just nasty ...biting people? Are you serious? What's next? Will you be eating them with a nice bottle of chiante and some fava beans. Fttt fttt fttt fttt.

It's amazing how you can turn your victims into abusers, same with Janet...."she broke my hip"....when? On one of the two horrible beatings that sent her into a health crisis that later took her life you delivered? If your hip is broken then why is Mario West advertising himself as a "body guard". Are you even injured or do you just carry that cane around as weapon because your limp seems to come and go...(much like your lucidity.)   It's the "EVIL" landlords, the "THIEVING" Panamanians, the "LYING" Expats, the "UGLY" Gringos, the "DUMB" polish bitches. Good heavens man, if anyone sounds like Donald Trump, it's you. 

As per started a smear website title Ugly Gringos. I have an email where you call a woman a bull dyke threatening to sodomize her and calling her a "faggot". I have emails where you refer to a woman in Poland as "crazy polish bitch" and "polish c&&t". 

Of course you also demean your own nationality here.....

m 18 days late which means also 8 days late fee $40. then yesterday engineer tells me welders want $1,000 for my press. they stole my idea and made their own. mine is in pieces arriving tomorrow
they wasted 3 months of my time and i am suffering to eat. u just need to register the name and i can do the rest. 3 different clients have stiffed me and im not happy
why they did this?

because they saw the idea and got greedy

lf its not the gringos and their lies its the fucking panamanian.thieves. they stop answering calls and would never be at shop . yesterday the police went to shop and turned it upside down to get my pieces back. today it arrives in pieces. i have to hire welder to finish work.

W dniu 2016-11-21 10:20:28 użytkownik Dario Belenfante <> napisał: if you recall you once told me that we will be friends even if i have a gf. well apparently that was bullshit. you know damn well i'm struggling and can't pay you. and really renata, I SENT YOU NOTES THAT I CAN RESEARCH RIGHT NOW!!!! I DID NOT AS YOU SAY DO NOTHING. WHEN YOU WERE READY I WASNT WHEN I WAS READY YOU WEREN'T. I read the first and last lines of your email. today i just do not have time for drama or teeny boper girlie bullshit. When you wake the fuck up and smell your coffee - I will still be your friend you dumb polish bitch. Did that sting? I hope so. Dario Belenfante

Or how about this? Last I heard Panama hires it's own. I think you just have to be willing to actually work. 

W dniu 2017-04-16 02:47:56 użytkownik Dario Belenfante <> napisał: Used to be i had an advantage getting work because i spoke english now there are every class of foreigner here taking jobs from local citizens even people not qualified for the jobs. In response the panama gov has finally taken hard steps to curb illegal employment. For people like me that are handicap to begin with its hard to compete with someone that is blonde and blue eyed. Even with all the legal rights foreigners still skirt the rules and i pay. So i am giving panama this year. It started bettet than most years but there are all kinds of problems with refugees and illegal immigrants. Americans have turned panama into their lifeboat and with them comes more problems. If things do not change i am seriously thinking of leaving panama for anywhere. Imagine you cant get a fair shot in your own country and have to move away. There is plenty of work. Just not for me. I am sick i can either start my own business or go to work for some foreigner who never had to struggle like me. Before a working man was respected . perhaps we werent rich but we worked and were faithful paying. Now if you dont have a bank full of money people will toss you out as evidenced by my last place to live. Two checks went missing in the post and the landlady shut off my lights. I lost all my web clients and the oil business never started. I cant take panama much more.

I agree with much of this Dario except the part you have a Dr prescribing it to you there, that it can effectively manage your particular psychosis and feel that people in glass houses should not throw stones in a country where stones put you in JAIL.

W dniu 2016-09-13 08:55:04 użytkownik Dario Belenfante <> napisał: if you are going to be a nurse, please start with removing old antiquated ways of thinking. marijuana is MEDICINE. it works fine for me except when i RUN OUT! it does the same thing as olanzapine or ZYPREXA but i'm sure you already know what that medicine is for and the dangerous side effects that come with it. due to lack of RESEARCH we are now just discovering you can cure seizures and epilepsy with MARIJUANA. and we also found out that marijuana kills cancer cells. so you are telling me that my doctor was wrong when he prescribed it to me.? because you are a doctor right? i think you are a set up. i think you are an enemy. i think you are testing me and i can care less. i never want to see you or talk to you again because what ever your problem is, you are unwilling to listen to reason, experience or logic. when people shut their minds -- they miss so much. in order to be with me you must maintain an open mind and be willing to try new things. since you shut your mind and know everything i have nothing to talk to you about either. Dario Belenfante

Some of the stellar business tricks you to could learn for only 350.00 dollars at Panama Catalyst weekend starring Mario West...

If a customer doesn't like being ripped off  "F 'em"!!!

W dniu 2016-11-26 11:14:03 użytkownik Dario Belenfante a href="">> napisał:

Dario Belenfante


On Sat, Nov 26, 2016 at 1:17 AM, tekila14 a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">> wrote:

Here is apparently where Dr. Ganja makes "street calls" in David. 

A stupid person cannot even argue about what he has written himself on the Internet, LOL!

For those who are concerned this person will be running the streets of Boquete during upcoming events, you need mo longer be concerned. He's out on bail after being held by police and is due a hearing this upcoming week and will likely be placed in jail and will not be present for upcoming festivities. I am extremely insulted that I, a dual National was asked to take down my post on FB
I was in personal peril from this person including having to move to keep my family safe. If those who " suggested" I take down my post had taken the time to read each of the photos and aliases of aforementioned person you would see that with cooperation of town attorney, the Corregidors, who are like a town sheriff who sends arrest warrants, the Mayor and Tom Hayes of the American embassy, he won't be able to hurt the people he would Target as his behaviour was escalating. I myself plan to press more charges so as to keep him incarcerated and he has more charges pending
I was given permission to post his pictures and his 2 aliases to prevent the harming of any other innocent people in our town and to let people know he will most likely be in jail for said events and the safety of our own citizens. This has been a long drawn out process and emotionally draining for those involved. If you have never been threatened by someone who has a long history in the states of domestic violence and countless charges for a variety of assaults and threats. I will ask if you have been threatened or assaulted by Dario Belenfante/ Mario West that you go to the Corregidora and get a restraining order and file a denuncia.
The town attorney, police chief were going to have a meeting and explain some of the laws of Panama and who to see if you should have something happen to you. I at my own expense was going to write, with the authorities an outline and short explanation of why going to the police isn't always your first stop and how to go about getting justice done.So many like to say police department does nothing, but that is not true.
Plainly though I can see it would have been better to sweep this under the rug and little did it matter to the higher society here my life is in danger, because as long as it doesn't interfere with upcoming festivities, what would it matter,? It would have been reported as a panamanian problem, forgetting to add I am an American citizen and his other victims are mostly expats.
I expect no thanks from anyone for all the time we have spent, placing myself in worse personal danger and a victim he actually tried to strangle, because Boquete isn't the paradise it used to be. I may have gone about writing this a little differently if the people responsible for asking me to remove information had asked me for my side of the story, not ask a friend to suggest I remove the truth from MY FB page! Just because I am not part of the elite, you figured you could order me and I would jump up and say " yesmm, right away, I done did wrong by trying to keep some of dem old white expat people's from getting hurts or scammed, jus me take care of that fo you, even though you ain't got the nerve to talk to me yo selves. I shoulda let him run free so he could go around whaling on dem old white people expats he don like, cause he says you all Trump Lovin, Muslim hating racists".......

I had a long conversation with john wolff, head of the committee for the jazz festival. first I would like to remind people there are other festivities going on besides the jazz festival, including the feria de los flores, which bring in a lot of tourists, the orchid fair and the world famous jazz festival.

I at no time meant to infer that Mr. Wolff or any other member of the committee and or sub committees have anything to do with the email I received. when I questioned the person who was told to tell me to stop and drop my email on FB, I at first complied and then I got angry. We had gone to a lot of emotional, physical and psychological pain just to get this far, probation/bail and a hearing next week. During my very long email to Mr. Wolff I explained to him what we had gone thru and the fear of not knowing if I go out today, will I come back? If I go dog sit which is my occupation will my 80 year old mother and 17 year old grandson and my dogs be ok. My dog suffered a vicious attack last year where his throat was slashed twice and he was stabbed twice, as I did not witness who did it, I can make no accusations. To make a long story short I also received the email where I was told in very vulgar language, he wanted to sodomize me and make me squeal like a pig. Any woman reading this, must realize the fear that that would produce no matter how brave you are and I don't scare easy.

Anyway, my primary reason for this email is to make a personal apology to john and the committee if they in anyway think I am targeting them or accusing them of having ordered this person to write me this email. The only place the Jazz Festival was mentioned was in the actual email, which I did post so I could not be accused of making up stories.

I thought perhaps I was doing the town a favor by helping to perhaps get someone who is so unstable off the street, but apparently there is a group who think I will be responsible for personally ruining the rest of the festivities coming up this year and as we all know who live here there are many, not just one.

I could not live with myself if someone were scammed, or maimed or even killed by remaining silent and hoping he would forget about me, which he apparently is unable to do because after well over a year of silence from him, including the fact he walked in front of my home every day, I thought what was done was done, there was no more to be done for janet other than to let karma take place and I had other problems to deal with at the time and as long as he was not harming anyone, live and let live. Boom!!!!!! all of a sudden I get the email, my dogs throat is slashed, my mom gets attacked by a dog in Los Establos ( which the owner of the dog gave her $200 and pretty much said heres a quarter, call someone who cares), the people I was dog sitting for were delayed for over a month and I was having to walk down from volcancito rd to my home to treat my dog, all the while worrying what was coming next. Didn't have to wait, then the verbal attack in the street......I had enough and I was not going to let this person have me living in fear for my family and myself and anyone else he might choose to attack at any given time. So we chose to fight back, navigate the panamanian justice system, we are even famous, he made a page called the ugly gringos with charges even including I was conspiracy against the panamanian government. I don't know how many of you know me, but fidel castro I am not and I do not have nor ever had any plans to overthrow the government.....

Anyway, back to my apology, when I speak of higher society or those who think them selves of as the elite of town, I am not referring to the committee. John doesn't even live here. At no time did I say it was him or anyone else on the committee either in this post or my fb posts and I am double checking to make sure there is nothing to infer that I am accusing them of this. You can find a copy of the email I received on either Boquete community page or my fb page. This is the only place where the festival is mentioned and I am merely quoting what was said to me so there would be no misunderstanding or accusations that I was making this up...

Again apologies to john and the rest of his crew that do such a fine job every year of bringing back memories for me of when I lived in New Orleans. I had even volunteered to work the green room, but now I think I will not be so welcome.

Thank you

Suzanne Lee Miller-Moreno


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