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Please don't mind my English. I have quickly translated an article from a newspaper wich gives al little more infrmation about the grils from Holland missing since 1th of april:

'Lisanne and Kris disappeared Tuesday morning without trace from their host family in Boquete in the West of Panama. On Facebook writes a Dutch inhabitant of the town of Boquete to have seen the two Sunday.

In Panama is the Amersfoort-based duo Sunday still seen by Sonja Keessen. The Dutch living in Boquete writes on Facebook that they saw the girls in a restaurant. ' We have not talked with them, so no extra information. They were with the waiter in conversation about their volunteer work, "says Keessen. Furthermore, the wife that the loss Gets a lot of attention in the local media and that there is not yet a crime. ' The people here are generally very peaceful and crime is here. '

The family of the missing in Panama Amersfoortse female students Lisanne Froon (22) and Kris Kremers (21) do desperate attempts to get a sign of life from the girls. In addition to enabling Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Ambassador in Panama is the family on large scale actions started on Twitter and Facebook.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports the Dutch Ambassador, Wiebe de Boer, of the loss is aware and has gone to the area.

On site would be a great quest, which according to the Ministry at least 20 specialists in the search in mountainous area have been deployed. Via Facebook, reports RTV Utrecht, also have guides from the area offered to in the search for Lisanne and Kris to help.'

Please share this infomration and get in touch with the local authority if you remember ANYTHING!!



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My friend Maru saw them at 1:00 on Tuesday near Villa Marita Indian Village they asked her for a ride.  We passed out fliers in Baja Mono, Bus drivers in Baja Mono and around Boquete this am.

This news is being circulated on Facebook pages of the Indigenous people of Chiriqui...

We sincerely hope the girls are found safe. 

Lori, this information is shared with the local police? Just asking to be sure...

Just gave the information and phone number of Maru to Sigrid Vernooij. From what I am gathering, some think they went up the Quetzal Trail, also shared info about the trail w/ her.

I did send pictures to hotels, pensions on the Cerro Punta side. There is one hotel I don't know,how to reach. If you come to the end of the Quetzal trail, right before a dirt road goes down to Cerro Punta there is an Eco Place, private home but takes guests. Don't know,how to,reach them. Anybody knows??

Great idea and thank you, Marion.  Do you mean Derek place EcoTreat?...I sent him a link.

I think it's Derek. We used to have meetings there - environmentalists. It's left,at the end of the trail.

yes just sent him a link...Would like to find someone w/ a 4 wheel drive to take a group up to the trout farm in the am????

Hi, I was asked to help in search efforts. We have 3 horses ready go for tomorrow morning, but we need more information. What is the last known location and last point of contact and with whom? We can cover a lot of ground on horseback, but we just need to know where we should trailer and start from. Lori and Maru, I'll be sending you a message in just a sec. Hubby said that he has nothing in writing, but will ask his buddies/look at centre's protocols as soon as he is able to. He is currently busy until late tonight. We'll be trailering to Los Naranjos just as soon as horses eat their feed in AM. Jess

Do anybody have pictures that can be circulated to identify the girls?

Look at every post about the girls.  There is a file on one of them with the pictures.


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