A variety of discussions have been posted to help possible future expats make decisions if Panama is right for them to leave behind the comforts and familiarity of their homeland. All lists I have seen have good, solid, valid points, but there are a couple of other things I don’t remember seeing that should also be addressed.

Not only would you be moving into a Spanish speaking Panamanian culture of nationals, but you would also be sharing space in a multinational melting pot expat community. Ask yourself the question if any of what you now take for granted and don’t want to leave behind in your nation of origin would be considered unacceptable, offensive, anti-social and go against the grain to those who would become your new neighbors. At times I read discussions from posters asking questions when they are already established here and get bent out of shape when they see negative feedback for what that should have been asked before making the decision to move. Ask yourself if you are sensitive to other ways of thinking, if not you will be restricting yourself to a limited network of potential friends.     

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It will be quite easy,when one has lived and worked overseas, speaking various languages. It also depends on family ties in your home country. If one thinks that the USA for example is the best of the world and you want to live in Panamá a similar way, mainly because it is cheaper and fine weather, do not intent to retire here. 

One of the things I like most about Boquete is the "cosmopolitan" aspect. I continually meet people from all over the world. Makes for good conversation. Plus the fact you can walk up to most any stranger and strike up a conversation. That was not my experience in the U.S. There you would more likely be treated with a "you talkin to me?" response.


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