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Today I went to the ATM at Multibank to withdraw $500 from my stateside bank account as I have done often in the past. I received a message stating that is was too much, that it couldn't deliver $500. Thinking perhaps that the ATM was short on cash and limiting withdrawals, I moved over to the HSBC ATM and once again tried to withdraw $500 but got the same message. It did, however, allow me to withdraw $300. Could it be that Sistema Clave now is limiting withdrawals to $300 so they can get more $2 surcharges? Anyone else had this problem in the last few days?


(To add insult to injury, when I went home and checked my bank records via computer, the attempted $500 withdrawal from the Multibank had been deducted from my account. Of course, I notified my bank immediately.)

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Dear Juan

This is definatitely what has worked for my husband and I.  Write the check...five days laters the money is there.  We avoid the AtM ,   use it for emergencies only.

I had a problem withdrawing $500. from the ATM inside Arrocha.  There wasn't enough money in the machine, but it took it out of my account anyway.  Would not recommend using an ATM anywhere but at a bank during business hours in case there's insufficent funds.  Funny it doesn't let you know there aren't enough funds.  I just happened to check my account as soon as I got home.

It really doesn't help if it's a bank ATM unless it's the bank where you have your account. If you're withdrawing money from another bank, the bank where the ATM is located just tells you to contact your bank.


By the way, after contacting my bank in the States about the $500 I wasn't able to withdraw but which was withdrawn from my account anyway, the money was restored in less than a week.

As much as I can recall ATM did their maintenance routine about 2:00pm every working days.  So you will find a message on the ATM screen they are out of service. 


I dont know why some ATM's have not any screen message telling users that the machine doesnt have enough money.  It happened two me at least twice with HSBC ATM's at Riba Smith Supermarket in Panama.


I placed the claim to my bank inmediatelly and the funds were acredited again in my account with no problems in a couple of days.



This issue about getting debited with no money being disbursed has gone on here for several years now. There is no technical reason this should happen. I believe it is fraud prevention being done in Latin America where the onus is on the client to ask for a credit. I think this is the bank's dirty secret. I don't have an account here so I can't find out. There is an exit sensor on the cash slot that shows the bank that the cash was presented or not. I believe this is ignored.


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