New Car Dealers in David (discussion from 4+ years ago)

I have seen discussions on bringing a car to Panama vs buying on in Panama. More safety features and better price if you bring one vs shipping cost. If one brings a new car to Panama I am sure you want a brand that is sold in David if you live around Boquete. What brands are sold in David? Are some of the models the same as those sold in the states but with different options?


Charlie B.

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I truly suggest you do not import a car. The same car in Panama is different than in the US or Canada. Parts for imports are more expensive if available and if the problem with a car is not with a known part or issue you might not find anyone to fix it. In addition any warranty from north is void here.

In David you can buy Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Chevy, Mazda, Dodge, Skoda, BMW and perhaps more I cannot think of now. There are dealers for all of those.
Add Mitsubishi and Honda to the list.
Harry and I were considering shipping our Jeep Wrangler down there but maybe we should rethink that move. What I would really like to do is buy 2 ATV's and skip the car expense all together. Rent a car for a day or two if we need to. Thanks for the info.
Scooters are common here, mostly for tourists. The issues are two fold, the roads and the rain. If you are on a good paved road you can use a scooter much of the year. The most common vehicles here are 4x4 SUVs or pickups. They can go about anyplace. If you even need to visit someone like me you need high clearance 4x4 or a horse :)

We have a 2003 Dodge Durango SLT---4 Wheel Drive--------very good condition with 104,000 miles. looking to sell for $8500 or OBO. One owner car.

Title is Clean"""""""""""""""""""

Going back to USA"""""""""""""""""""""""""

Would you know of anyone who would have an interest?

Please call @ USA # 1-520-235-4511 or Costa Rica # 00506-6286-7553 or

Ask for Bob


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