Has anyone heard of a new law here in Panama that specifically says a thief can steal up to $999.00 and the law will do nothing to him / her?  The thief can steal over and over again and not go to jail, get no record, and not be required to repay the money he steals, if the thief is caught.  Also, if you hurt the thief, you will be required to pay all medical expenses the thief incurs and could go to jail!  This information is coming from a friend in Colon Providence.  I'm just trying to verify this is real?????

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Use some common sense.  Do you really think a lawmaker would write or vote for such a law?

Hahaha!  That's what I told him!  

You must be confusing Panama with California. Where these are alteady considered non bail, non violent, non enforceable crimes.

Yes, in San Francisco county theft of goods under $600 are not responded to by police.  If one is caught in the act they simply have to state they needed the money for food.  It's got restaurants on their toes profiling people for dine and dashers.

The police even have a website for victims to obtain police reports for these crimes to submit for insurance purposes since officers will not be dispatched to provide reports.

Auto burglary as well as insurance has skyrocketed as a result.

this is in response to Doug Johnson:

why not?

keep petty criminals out of an already muddied up system.

easy peasy.

I think Doug's point, Susan, is that it would be political suicide.Who would vote for a lawmaker who supported a law giving criminals a free pass?

thank you bonnie

When I lived in Costa Rica 1996-1998 there was an unwritten law that anything under $500. would not be investigated. There were a lot of assaults on foreigners by Ticos and also the Police. It was very dangerous in San Jose at that time. One of the reasons I moved to Panama.

I saw a news item on TVN last week or week before that a guy in PC had been arrested for robbery 3 times in the same week but was let go because he had robbed less than $1000. It may have been in La Prensa also.

Here in Panama if  a guy under 18 years old is caught in a crime he does not go to court or reform school. He is sent home to his parents. Older gang members recruit the young ones to do the work. 

John, you’re misinformed but it’s a common myth.

There are Juvenile Courts and Juvenile Detention Centres here. Minors receiving long sentences for major crimes are transferred to Penitentiaries to complete their time when they become 18 years of age.

Hola John,

it has been 3 years since the attack but I have not seen anything on what happened to the attackers since this:

"One thing that I would add is the Cap.Arauz said that one minor ( 14 years old ) had been released and one older suspect (17 years old) was still being detained."


The 14 YO attacker was released to his god father in Boquete. He would be 17 years old by now and probably released again.


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