ALERT---La Reina Dept store will no longer accept returns--only credit.

I bought a set of sheets yesterday;never even opened the zippered plastic bag they were in-------bye bye La Reina.-----------------------

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I've had similar experience at LaReina.  But we knew there would be downsides to living in a Latin country.  This is just never going to be the same as what we were used to in America--not in our lifetimes.  Myself, I'll deal with the little inconveniences and aggravations.  For me, it's a good trade-off.

It isn't just Lareina. I've never had cash returned here. It's a trade off for something else. Normal to Panama.

That is standard practice in Panama.  A few times I have received cash for a return (hardware items), but that is rare.  You are lucky if they will give you credit to buy something else.  La Reina is a nice store.  Please don't boycott them.  They are no different than any of the other stores.  Panama has a long way to go to get to the level of customer service we were used to in the States.  It might never happen.

FYI to all that have responded-----------Arrocha and Conway have both accepted returns;with the receipts of course.

I do Interior Design and sometimes an item just not work in a space,and needs to be returned and both stores have been accommodating.

Thanks.  That is good information.

PriceSmart  and Rodelag  have both been good about returns.  I bought a flat  screen TV for use as a large computer monitor and discovered  that the resolution as a monitor was lower than the TV resolution.  They refunded it with no problem.  Rodelag gave us a new freezer with no problem when one we bought had a problem  with the thermostat.

The folks at Ferriteria Ivan refund things all the time, usually with no questions or paperwork.

Exactly my point--La Reyna needs to get with the times.

Get  ACODECO involved it may resolve the issue.  


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