Patsi's Facebook post regarding items at Casa Decor

This was just posted on Patsi's Facebook page. . Good luck folks. If she has kept your items from you for over 90 days, then I guess she's saying it was donated to charity.

"Good morning casa decor here with an important anouncement for all our clients & consignees.. we sorry to annouce that we closed out doors in June 2017 for personal reasons and that our building was been sold.. however we wanted to thank everyone that has supported our business for 3 years running.. We still have alot to do inorder to close all of our affairs with concerning "Casa Decor"..however this take some time.. concerning any pay outs due to any of our consignees yu will be paid.. however any items that where over 90 days or longer have donated to charity.. please read yur contracts.. Anything before the 90 day period was either was sold and yu will be contacted to pick up recieve yur pay out or yur items..thank yu again for yur support. Its was greatly appericated patsi phillips.  Casa decor is closed!! Any questions or concerns yu may call me at 6674.1721 thank yull again blessings"

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If I had over-90-days items that I hadn't been paid for, I would be very interested in knowing exactly what charity received them.

Yo Tambien Amanda.  I have been asking Patsi Phillips for weeks and numerous times for a location, days and times when her or a representative would be available to have the few items she says are all she has left of the three car-loads I took to Casa Decor can be picked up.  She has chosen to ignore this question time and time again.  This week I received a none too pleasant email from this "lady" which also included her demand for the name and phone number of who would pick up the items!!  She said if they weren't picked up she would donate to charity.  I have no problem with that, if, by the donation, a charity would benefit from their sale -- however, knowing her modus operandi I suspect that the charity would be Patsi herself!!  Items she says she has donated to charity should have, as proof, a receipt written on the charity's official letterhead and contain the name and telephone number of a contact at the charity who can verify the donations.  The receipt should also include a listing of all items donated and this should be sent to all of her clients whose items she has "given away to charity" because we are unable to ascertain where she has secreted them and recover them.

She never gave me a contract, I never signed one so I would think the 90 day clause would not be applicable -- but who knows how the owners of Casa Decor think.  I sure as heck don't.  

Just my 10c worth and what do I know -- I trusted her!!

I thought she had opened another store?

She has:

My Cup of Tea. South of town.

And the hits just keep on coming.....It went to a charity alright....

"My Cup of Tea"!!!  

I'm a Brit and LOVE my cuppa but this new place is definitely not MY Cuppa Tea.

Too funny!  

Ha...maybe there is a "backroom" Leslie...with select items for sale for "special customers"....preferably those people that have not been in town long!!!

And while I think about it, I thought the original story was that Casa Decor needed to be sold because Patsi's husband needed medical treatment in the US? 

"Tales of Mystery".....English TV series. 

When we get to the bottom of this it will be a great Novel/TV series.


Cathy....supposedly the medical treatment was for her....which has also long since been found to be not true.  Backroom...casita in the back or the other. 

Hope you had a fantastic trip by the way!!

Still here Leslie.....I will email you some pics!

Does anyone know id Patsys right hand employee Linda Jensen is still working with her.


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