Patsi's Facebook post regarding items at Casa Decor

This was just posted on Patsi's Facebook page. . Good luck folks. If she has kept your items from you for over 90 days, then I guess she's saying it was donated to charity.

"Good morning casa decor here with an important anouncement for all our clients & consignees.. we sorry to annouce that we closed out doors in June 2017 for personal reasons and that our building was been sold.. however we wanted to thank everyone that has supported our business for 3 years running.. We still have alot to do inorder to close all of our affairs with concerning "Casa Decor"..however this take some time.. concerning any pay outs due to any of our consignees yu will be paid.. however any items that where over 90 days or longer have donated to charity.. please read yur contracts.. Anything before the 90 day period was either was sold and yu will be contacted to pick up recieve yur pay out or yur items..thank yu again for yur support. Its was greatly appericated patsi phillips.  Casa decor is closed!! Any questions or concerns yu may call me at 6674.1721 thank yull again blessings"

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I was done replying here but everyone should know that this was the response I received after I replied to Patsi that I rescinded my apology - this was before I knew how bad this was and I attempted to apologize. This was her response:

"i didnt send anyone emails and yu got some nurve saying these things.. yu are not welcome in shop nor around me do yu hear me. My attorney will be contact yu. And i dont need yur dam apology.. yu just like the rest of them."

Does this type of response look familiar to some? If she hadn't proven to have no ethics, I would feel some sympathy since she truly is not literate. Clearly Patsi doesn't have basic English written skills and doesn't know what rescind means.

I told her I would welcome a call from her attorney - I have nothing to hide!

She isn't stopping! Does anyone know for a fact that her new store is open? Is the store open to the public? What the heck is going on?

My "stuff" she has is gone and I could care less - this is only about stopping what I find hard she could do - set up another business... but this is Panama - nothing surprises me anymore.

I only want what everyone else here does - stop this woman from hurting others and giving ex-pats the "ugly" reputation that many of us have tried hard to overcome.

Hola Val y todos,

does anyone know if any Panamanians have been a victim in this scam? My thinking is that if there were, and you can contact them to join the case against this crook, the chances of getting legal action would increase greatly.

Gringos messing with gringos isn't generally front page news. Sorry for the generalization, but that is just how it is.  Another problem is the black mark that Boquete could get will not be welcome by those who have vested interests in Chiriqui.  For example, I don't think the web sites that trumpet Boquete as "land of the eternal spring" are going to welcome this episode as an answer to the question: How is the crime rate in Boquete?

I doubt if any Panamanians were victims of this Scam Jim. The people that got ripped off should of thought twice before trusting a fly by night gringo, That had no proven track record to speak of. These people should have dealt with the Zapadora which Dianne has been consigning furniture etc. for well over 10 years in the Boquete area. Especially  Marion Cramp which lived virtually around the corner from The Zapadora. Well you live and you learn. I hope that the people that lost all there money with Casa Decor have learned a lesson out of this. 

Michael, I'm sure the people have learned a lesson. But to blame the victims? Who knew she was such a fraud! Every business starts with trusting new customers who create a track record, even Diane.

Oh, and I fixed your post. Your writing skills may only be incrementally better than Patsi's.

The truth is YES, Panamanians were hurt in this scam.

Another truth, I thought (my bad) that Patsi was a FRIEND I could trust.

I did consign my things with Zapadora first.

Yes, I have learned a lesson, to warn others not to fall into the same trap

that we all have. 

And Michael, it really wasn't called for to make fun of those who were hurt.   

It doesn't help people.  

where is she and WHY hasn't she replied to this? 

She knows there were no contracts.  She might have had some sign and said she would get them a copy but that never happened.

Promises, promises of so many things.

Now she can just take other peoples things and try to live with herself,


she is innocent.


Some people did have contracts with the 90 day clause. But when the 90 days approached and they tried to get either the money or the items back, then the stalling started to happen; excuse after excuse and pretty soon 90 days has turned into 100, then 300 and more. Here's the list of excuses I heard.

Shoot, let me check on that

Ooops, left it at home

I'm waiting for more checks

My bank account was hacked

John handles that

John's not here

John's too busy

...and about a hundred other iterations of the same crap.

Have to agree with others Michael. This is NO LONGER about the monetary aspect for most of us and I believe that MOST who have replied here have made that very clear.

You "doubt if any Panamanians were victims of this Scam"?  Where is your credibility since you have decided to bring in your opinions?  This isn't about speculation of someone who clearly doesn't know much of anything about this!

This is not going anywhere. Will you please try to post in the Rant or somewhere else unless you have some FACTS to back up what you are saying?

Also, in conclusion, I was really hoping that no one would bring up Diane's name in this since this has nothing  to do with her! She is a WELL RESPECTED member of this community because she has earned her reputation and I have been a happy client of hers for years. 

Unless I have something that could benefit others (in other words not scold someone like Michael), I am done adding to this post.

Thanks to all of you.

I'll close this thread now and a new one can be started if there's any info to add.


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