Does anyone have a recommendation for a good, reliable, bilingual immigration lawyer, or whatever the term is,  who can help me apply for a Friendly Visitor Visa?

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Look to the right... Martin Santamaria Castillo...

Amanda Dejud  6949-3652   Speaks English.  Lives in Boquete

Juan Contreras...Boquete quickly...reasonable cost

Good afternoon Karen,

If you are located in Boquete, I will highly recommend Juan Gabriel Contreras 6611-9678, He had helped me with my paperwork and also several of my friends and clients and it has being very easy, also he's prices are very fair and he is a good person for sure and so the team that works with him.

He works with another business partner in the city, her name is Lurdes miranda and bothe runs operations in Boquete and Panama City, both fluent English speakers.

If you are in the city, then Martin will be another safe option , good luck :)


Juan is a good pick for a lawyer in Boquete. I used Mayra Lamboglia in Panama City who is also a good pick. She charged me $600.00 in 2006 for my residency . Of course she is higher these days. I have heard some horror stories of other lawyers charging 3, 4 ,or 5 thousand dollars and the client never received there Papers. Be careful

Thanks Oscar, I leave here my data, and I would like to help them in their new adventure in Panama

Martín Santamaría Castillo.

Abogado-Attorney at Law.
Oficina Edificio Don Vidal, Avenida A Este, 
Planta alta, Oficina 10, 
Corregimiento de Bajo Boquete, Distrito de Boquete.
PANAMÁ Phone Tel.: (+507) 6792 6611
USA Phone: (251) 279-8269
Office hours: Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Provincia de Chiriquí, República de Panamá.

I have had both lawyers and insurance agents that appear to be highly recommended by others flake out!

Maybe they are too busy when you need them, or just have a weird work ethic. Very tough to do business here. 

Surprises me when others say these people are good, when I have encountered the opposite with the same people.

miranda and contreras are excellent, bilingual and go above and beyond. never a hiccup. We were more than pleased.

Kraemer & Kraemer Law,
+507 297 4708 • Work

They speak English, helped us no end to get our Residency sorted out. 

My name is Marco Aurelio Contreras Stueve immigration Attorney. If i can have your email address i can write to you and give you the information on how the procees to obtain your visa works.

I will join in this too.  I can highly recommend Ivonne Palma Alegria.  She lives in Boquete and has an office in David.  My wife and I used her to get our Pensionado Visa's and she proved to be very competent and knowledgeable. She speaks english and was very reliable for answering our WhatsApp texts, phone calls, and emails.  Everything she told us about the process was correct and she is a very nice, friendly person too.  She also specializes in property transactions and contracts.  Her rate for our work was very competitive. Can't say enough good about her.

Ivonne Palma Alegria

OFFICE  PHONE:  775-3531


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