Looking to open a restaurant in downtown Boquete. Does anyone have any info on potential space? Thank you so much!

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We need good restaurants.   My suggestion.  Talk to the local realtors.  They have the scoop & or listings of possible locations.  If you speak Spanish ( or bring a translator) walk down town Boquete and ask our locals of possible locations.  There are many with local knowledge who can assist you. 

What kind of food?  I'd kill for Chinese or a Mongolian BBQ.  Mexican too.  And affordable.

Have you tried JuiceMi?  He has a full menu of EXCELLENT Mexican food.  It's just around the corner from Otto, which is across the street from Los Establos Plaza.   Not fancy, but excellent Mexican food.

I just heard a study that reported that fewer and fewer Americans are eating lunch. So testaurants are slashing prices to six or seven dollars for a complete lunch. Hope the restaurants in Boquete hear about this, especially the ones charging nine or ten dollars for a burger, outrageous!

Restaurants here have finally figured out how to offset the Jubilado discount.  Imagine in your business if you had to give away 25% (no...the government does NOT reimburse them for this...they can deduct it from their income tax, but they don't get the money back).  What would you do?   Duh...you'd raise your prices.   That's what's happened in Boquete.  When you look at an $8 burger, figure it's really a $6 burger bumped up to help the restaurant survive.  Basically the discount is part of the cost of goods sold.

Raising rates to compensate for the jubilado discounts cuts off a huge portion of the public. Daily specials address the problem as they don't suffer the discount.

Why in Boquete Abajo? There are few restaurants in Alto Boquete and you can probably get a place with parking. Also, please pay attention to acoustics. Too many hard surfaces make it hard to hear. Get chairs that are comfortable which can be plastic so far as I am concerned, There are too many locally made wooden ones that lean one forward rather than slightly back. I hope you will consider these suggestions.

Because downtown Boquete gets the tourist foot traffic.

Be careful. There are sixty or seventy restaurants in Boquete. Several shopping centers are about to (theoretically) begin construction.
If you are competitive on price you may survive.

There is a new nice restaurant opposite Milly's hair dressing parlour. They serve a various Panamanian meals for 4.50. A glass of wine is $ 3.- . Imported grilled  large sirloin $ 25.-.

Less expats are eating outdoors. The competition is huge. 

There is a place that used to be the Pacific Deli and was very popular.  But it was just south of San Francisco Plaza....not downtown.

Go and speak to the people who are building the new strip place across from Todo a dollar.  From the looks of the pictures, there will be rental spaces available.  There is also an "open Air' place going in just down from the old Deli Baru.....from what I hear, there will be rental spaces for restaurants there too.    


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