I keep seeing sea salt in markets. I hope anybody using this, especially older women know that this means they are not getting iodine or potassium iodide and are at risk for thyroid problems. If you are supplementing with kelp or other substances you are at risk for too much iodide. My knowledge is limited in this area but I do know Boquete is full of thyroid problems and it can be horrible. If there is someone more knowledgeable on this subject, please chime in. I can't understand anyone using sea salt in Boquete or other mountainous areas low in iodide.

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Someone asked me the symptoms of hypothyroidism- you can panic, burst into tears, be afraid to leave your house, have tremendous headaches and back pains, gain huge amounts of weight and it goes on and on. It used to be called goiter in the US and people had huge Apple sized growths on their necks before iodine was added to salt by law. Your thyroid affects hormones that impact your entire body and can cause brain damage in babies.

Jim, you are obviously on an altruistic mission here, fueled by personal and painful experience. 

Of all the "symptoms" you list of hypothyroidism, only one, weight gain, and possibly back pain from myopathy are parts of the disease itself.   Hypothyroidism is rarely caused by deficiency of iodine.  There are plenty of well referenced medical overviews online.

Goiter is different from hypothyroidism, though they can be associated. 

Being born without a thyroid results in cretinism from the lack of thyroid hormones. 

You are again invited to join the "All things Medical" group if you want to get the facts straight and possibly to gather a range of informed opinions on the topic. 

Or form a political advocacy group! 

I am about to give up on Ning on this issue. If the thyroid problem were to be addressed in the high country of Panama it would save the government millions maybe billions of dollars in medical care. Money that could be spent elsewhere. It could save the breakup of families all over Panama. Remember we are the source of vegetables for much of Panama. A little bit of political pressure would push the enforcement of a largely unenforced law in Panama that salt contains iodine. Athena could make this her
entry into the legislature. Families are being destroyed, money is being wasted, and all it takes is a little pressure on a few politicians. But nobody seems to believe this is important. Roger Bellido speak up please.

As I said before, I use only nascent iodine.  Read the following:  Iodine a Natural Medicine - Nascent Iodine vs. Iodoral, Lugols Also includes a video at the end to show you how to make your own iodine.  Here is the one I use:  http://www.detoxadine.net/  

What is Detoxadine?

Detoxadine is a nascent iodine supplement developed by Global Healing Center, also known as GHC. This health company produces only premium quality products designed to support the health of the consumers and to improve their quality of life. Detoxadine is an effective and safe dietary supplement that contains in its formula nascent iodine. This type of iodine is taken from the vegan-friendly sources, from vegetable resources available in the deep sea in its organic form. Due to this reason, the ingredients of Detoxadine have the ability to enter quickly into the blood stream, from where the necessary iodine will be used effectively to support the health of the consumers.

Just remember to take selenium with the iodine.  http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/selenium/

Linda, please understand, what you do is totally different than what is achievable for the general population. You are in a whole different group. This effort is to help families in Panama probably just by enforcing a law, maybe by education to buy
Iodized salt. You can't change a culture overnight. Thanks for your input.
Louis, I just entered hypothyroidism and iodine and virtually every post, including the Mayo Clinic made the connection. They did that in most developed nations iodine is not the problem because iodine is included in salt. In this nations Hashimoto disease is the main problem and they don't know what causes it . Iodine is absolutely critical for the thyroid to produce hormones. Like everything else in science there will be different opinions but I tend to look first to the Mayo Clinic. Then I look to the Doctors who specialize in treating Thyroid problems.
Thyroid.org-"iodine deficiency is the leading cause of hypothyroidism worldwide".


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