Does anybody know how to ship a single heavy item (170 lb.) to someone in the U.S.? 

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In my experience there is no good, affordable way. There is a demand but apparently not large enough for someone to step up to the plate. Kind of hard to believe. There must be reasons we are not aware of.

There is a guy in Bocas del Toro who ships containers both ways and accepts shipments of  various sizes for consolidatdion into the containers.  I have seen ads for the service in one or more of the free papers. 

I may have saved an ad and will go through all of my very neat files (Ha!) and see if I can find it.

Try Panalpina. A worldwide shipping agency. They are in Colon (search Google). They arrange everything incl. consolidated container shipments, customs paperwork etc. 

Couldn't edit, this is Florida to Bocas. Tap link and it goes to their Facebook page.

B&B Moving here in Boquete does these kinds of shipments all of the time.  They're referred to as Less Than Container Loads (LCLs).  They place your item on a single pallet (or more if needed) or build a custom crate for it, shrink wrap it, and then ship it in a container shared with other LCLs.  They do weekly shipments to the states.

Thank you everybody.  Someone told me about another person who does consolidated container loads.  He is Steve Gibson 6900-0764.


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