We're planning on relocating there within a year and have been looking at what's available in the general Boquete area. We plan on renting something basic to start allowing us to really see the area and make a good decision. From what I've seen and read it looks like the competition for homes priced at $700 range and below are pretty far and few between. Whereas, there's lots more to choose from if you want to go above the $700 price. From what I've read it can take time to find the right place and it helps to have others looking for you as well. Do you think Boquete will be able to keep up with providing affordable housing choices? Thanks so much.

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Basically there is no problem finding a rental home. Just rent a furnished one for a couple of month. In the meantime looking around for an unfurnished one. Furniture and appliances can be easily bought at the mall in David. We prefer Alto Boquete due to the climate and being an area of Panamanian people and some foreighners. only 10 minutes drive to Boquete. Good bus and taxi connections. Contact Riochiriqui@gmail.com. Eduardo Horna speaks fluent English. Also important is the water quality and supply.Highspeed internet and HD tv. Cable Onda fiber optic is the best. Surely one can het a house for $ 700 p.m. easily. We preker to rent from Panamanians as Americans might overcharge. We lived in Volcancito,where the water supply is irregular and dirty.Although the area looks nice. We live in Jardines de Boquete, Alto Boquete. About 50 bungalows mainly middle class Panamanians. 

Thank you for your feedback Robert. That's very helpful. I had heard however that the Alto Boquete area is much hotter than some other areas around Boquete itself. Is that true? How are the wind levels and rain in Alto Boquete compared to other areas? Thank you!

Less rain than in downtown Boquete, Alto Lino and Jaramillo Arriba. Yes more wind fromJanuary till April. Not warmer than Boquete. Alto Dorado is similar to Alto  Boquete and only a 5 minutes ride to downtown Boquete.

We lived for 12 years in Saint Lucia (Caribbean) and got fed up with the heat and humidity.

If we go to David it is the same as Saint Lucia.

Thanks again Robert. This is helpful. I think I read that Alto Boquete is at about 1,900 ft. elevation, compared to Boquete proper at 3,900 ft. Wouldn't that make Alto Boquete hotter? You say no. Just curious.

Deborah and Michael,

I lived in Alto Boquete for 2.5 years when I first arrived in Boquete permanently.  After that I've lived in Bajo Boquete for about three years.  Bajo is cooler than Alto.  I slept with the windows open in both locations and the wake up temperature is about five degrees cooler in Bajo.  Unfortunately the humidity is higher in Bajo.  Within six months of living in Bajo most of my spices lumped up some becoming bricks!  I didn't experience that problem in Alto.

Another thing to consider is sunrises and sunsets.  Since Bajo is essentially in a hole or a bowl the time duration between sunrise and sunset are shorter.  The sunrises in Alto would wake me up in the morning around 7 AM whereas in Bajo it's two or three hours later depending on the time of the year and conversely for sunsets.

That's good to know about the distinction weather and light wise in Alto, versus Bajo. I also read somewhere that because you are fairly close to the equator that both sunrises and sunsets don't last too long anyway. Kind of a funny phenomena.

We pay 450 incl. water and garbage collection. Unfurnished. 60mbps internet plus many HD TV channels 96.- p.m. Electricity $ 18.- p.m. 3 bedrooms and living with open kitchen. About 1,200 sq. ft. Large fenced garden for our 3 dogs. Our next door neighbours are the mother and grandmother of Boquete's Mayor. 5 minutes walk to the bus/taxi stop on the highway. Learn Spanish as it make life easier and more social.

We are looking to move closer to town, Right now in El Frances. Do you know of any houses in the area where you live. Has to be unfurnished. We are looking for a 3 bed 2 bath place with hot water and cheaper.

Hope you're not asking me this Ross. Couldn't tell if you were responding to Robert. I'm still in the U.S.

Hi Ross. We live in Jardines de Boquete, opposite Las Brisas. Ask Eduardo Horna. Email

riochiriqui@gmail.com. He speak fluent English. Yes El Frances is somewhat isolated.

Sounds like you've got great neighbors and also like you got a great rental price. That's great.

You know who invented the copper wie? A Dutchman and a Scott fighting over a copper Penny.


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