We're planning on relocating there within a year and have been looking at what's available in the general Boquete area. We plan on renting something basic to start allowing us to really see the area and make a good decision. From what I've seen and read it looks like the competition for homes priced at $700 range and below are pretty far and few between. Whereas, there's lots more to choose from if you want to go above the $700 price. From what I've read it can take time to find the right place and it helps to have others looking for you as well. Do you think Boquete will be able to keep up with providing affordable housing choices? Thanks so much.

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Sorry. read wire. I use 3 language corrections on my computer.

And I always thought that was 2 pilots

Robert, if you read this Ross and I are looking for another house closer to town. We replied to you.

$450 is a really good price and sounds like you've got a nice sized house too. We do by the way plan on learning as much Spanish as we can.

The sun rises and sets at the same time everywhere in Chiriqui. Some areas may be shaded and some may have weather effects because of elevation, but the number of daylight hours remains the same.

Thank you Keith. That makes total sense. I was reading online that when you live closer to the equator than we do here in the U.S. the sunrises and sunsets don't last that long. What's your experience?

Deborah & Michael,

I was explicitly referring to sunrises and sunsets on ones' homes, not the absolute ones.  It's a concept called angle of obstruction of the horizon.  It varies greatly here in the Boquete due to the terrain.

I have a friend who purchased a home where his back yard faces west and sits at the foot of a vertical hillside several hundred feet high at the rear property line.  This hillside obstructs sunlight.  The sunset on his home begins in early afternoon resulting in a very dark home.  There's zero direct sunlight reaching his home beginning at that time.  The seller was creative by only showing the home while bright and airy in the morning hours and my friend was obviously unaware of this potential problem.  In real estate that's referred to as an incurable defect.  

Just an FYI.

That is very interesting. Your friend who purchased the home near the hillside must have been disappointed with the lack of light, something to definitely consider. We want to come there and take our time to look around and make an educated decision. By the way, I keep just seeing reply by "Good Morning Boquete". Do you have a name? Thanks so much "Good Morning Boquete".

Best of luck with your move. My wife and I are visiting in April. We may also move there but not for about 3 years. You will be veterans by then, and we can pick your brains.

Thank you Bob. Perhaps you will be able to pick our brains by then. Honestly, it's the "process of getting there" that seems a bit daunting and overwhelming, but lots of people do it. Nice meeting you.


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