I have a Samsung washer/ dryer combination, ( 1 unit) (Silverwash technology) that is very problematic electronically and has caused me a lot of headaches trying to keep running. Presently the dryer will not dry after the wash. Does anyone know of someone that can understand and repair this machine??
Please call John 67638427 or johnandnikki.pan@gmail.com.

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Correction 67638417 John phone

Try Modesto Rodriguez in Boquete at 6657-4136. He's very good with all sort of appliances.

Hi John,

We had problems with our Samsung dishwasher.  It was difficult to diagnose.  It turned out to be the motherboard.  Had to order from the US.  We think the root cause was either an electrical surge or under/over voltages.

Before we got it fixed, we installed a whole house surge protector and voltage regulator.  One can also buy individual devices to protect a single appliance. 

We used Sr. d** **d and he was very difficult to work with.

For these electrical mechanical problems we have in our WhatsApp group an "all things fixer" named Edgar. This guy is the best with all types of household machines, and cheap. You can message him in our group for a free appraisal, Edgar of chiriqui.connection
Or call 6888-0853
I have used Edgar in the past. He's great and gave me a great price on my washer dryer repairs. He also help me with my car problems.


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