Stuck In Lauderdale, Missed Panama flight for days now.

My Sister is one of the victims stuck in Ft. Lauderdale.  She cannot get her baggage or personal items.  Seems there are far more victims.  You would think the officials could sue some common sense to help others stuck there.  25,000 pieces of luggage and people held up.  Seems crazy to me.

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"could sue some common sense"


What a great typo!

My step-daughter & family were also stuck there for a day, returning from Cuba...

The officials completely overreacted by evacuating the entire airport and keeping it closed long after any danger had passed.  We'll never hear 1% of the extent that this caused incredible hardship on thousands of people. Ruined vacations is just the least of it.

I wonder if Trump will now call for special documentation and surveillance of U.S. Veterans...or maybe the shooter is an illegal Mexican who served unlawfully in the U.S. Army?

Apparently the shooter's ties to ISIS would have put him on a watch list and that may have prevented this tragedy. Trump was right again, yet you liberals don't seem to get it.

In November 2016, he walked into an FBI office in Anchorage claiming that he was being forced to fight for ISIS and was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

...this photo showing him wearing an Arabic keffiyeh and pointing a finger in the air – a symbol ISIL militants use.

Walter - On December 28, 2016 at 12:47 p.m., you started a "Discussion" where you stated that you would no longer post anything political unless it was in one of the political "Groups" (under "Be Social") or a "Blog". You even started your own group! So much for your New Year's resolutions, eh?
Why allow people to have guns and ammunition in an airport anyway?

Guns aren't allowed but it doesn't matter because criminals don't follow laws anyway. The only people laws affect are law abiding citizens and these people don't go on mass shooting sprees. The solution is to ban criminals, not an inanimate object. But it seems bleeding heart liberals feel so sorry for these dangerous criminals such that we are way too soft with punishment. Lock these violent criminals up and throw away the key and make them work to pay for their food, lodging and amenities otherwise let them rot in a cell and starve because they earned it. BTW, a truck plowing into a crowd can kill more people than a deranged man with a gun.

Your country already has the highest incarceration rate in the world (after the Seychelles, which has a lot of Somali pirates in detention).

Is Trump also going to build many new, awesome and beautiful prisons as part of his promised infrastructure renewal program?

Islamic "jihadism"  is the current flavor of excuse for most mentally disturbed people who want to harm society. In the 60's it was Communism. A psychological nutcase needs some "justification" for his act.

Look at Timothy McVeigh: "McVeigh, a Gulf War veteran...hoped to inspire a revolt against the federal government."

Or Lee Harvey Oswald, a former U.S. Marine who became a Communist.

Conclusion: Just about all of these killers have been exposed to extreme violence at one time in their lives, probably  first via Hollywood movies and then in real life, until something triggered their insane act.

Most "Jihadists" and other so-called "killers for a cause" have had similar and often extremely tragic experiences in their lives before they snapped.

It's kind of ridiculous how the U.S. Gov't is still trying to determine if this incident was an "act of terrorism" - it's as if they want the term "terrorist" to be synonymous with Islam. And that's really wrong!

Aren't all the above mentioned individuals terrorists?

Note to all Humans: YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

I wondered where you were lurking walt.

If the liberals hadnt wanted to stop "profiling" he would have been locked up from his FBI visit. Alas lunatics have rights.

So you support; "Most "Jihadists" and other so-called "killers for a cause" have had similar and often extremely tragic experiences in their lives before they snapped."

Grow up.

Thank God Donald Trump is President and we will have Adults in charge now.

Obamer will hang around trying to save his legacy of doing nothing but the people have awoken and will triumph!

I once flew with 25 handguns in a case. The check in lady said "that's a lot of guns".

Back then one could have a 4" knife but ammunition had to be in a separate checked bag.

Oh the irony

Did I wake you up? 

Or have you just been waiting for me?

I'm glad that you have all this optimism about your s.t.b. new glorious leader. Hope you're not going to be too disappointed. Let's also hope that he will soon start to do some governing rather than tweeting (bragging)  about his "reality TV" ratings...


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