If I was to visit Boquete for a week survey trip, are there expats that can give me guidance on best time to come, where to stay, show me the area, and discuss things such as moving costs, what to bring,etc?

Can I find this information in a FAQ area?



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Google Jackie Lange's Panama Relocation Tour. Best way to get all the information you need and see a lot of area's.

   Robert, I had the same questions the first time we showed up in Boquete, found that if you are in the least bit outgoing and don't have a problem introducing yourself to someone, you will have no problem finding people that will sit and talk with you and answer questions to the best of their ability. It's great to find people that have been there for  10+ years and it is also as important to talk to some who have maybe only been around for months. So far in our trips there we have only found one person that we really wished we hadn't even approached let alone talked to, can always find a sour grape in most every bunch. 

   Go to breakfast at Sugar and Spice or the sandwich shop just across the street a block or so, go to the farmers market on Tuesday, look on here for any events. Go where you see the people gathering and just smile and be friendly and approachable, you will get more info than you will know what to do with. 

Yes, we are a gabby bunch! Talk to as many people as you can, because opinions differ. Sugar and Spice is a good place to start - they close on Wednesdays. Right now there are several other people asking the same questions on ning, just page through or search. The rainiest month is October, and that is when we did our trial run, figuring that if we could stand that, we could manage the rest of the year.

Un aviso muy bien claro. Aprende Español.

Hi Robert. I don't speak Spanish but I guess I'm gonna have to learn it. Thanks Bob
Thanks sandy and Brian! I am very outgoing however I don't speak Spanish but I guess I'll have to start learning it lol

Smart man. When you get here, first and foremost ask about security and safety with the old timers.

It's a long way to come for a week imo, Robert.

Not sure you'll get a real feel for life here in such a short period of time.


A week is ample time to get first impressions, meet new acquaintances and acquire basic information.

Not quite sure why some people think it can't be done in "such a short period of time"

Don't pay any attention to such advice - come, enjoy yourself and learn about Boquete.

Thanks joseph!

"It's a long way to come for a week imo, Robert"

Depends on how much time and energy a person wants to invest in researching a life-changing proposition.

Thanks keith!


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