This is a quiet mountain town and there is not much to talk about.

Once and a while there is a crime but that is rare.

Lost dogs and finding dogs a new home is a worthy cause yet not many look at those posts.

Recently Marie posted a story of a good dead for the kids at Christmas and only 30 people viewed it.

People love to spar and without the political posts there isn't much to look at on Ning.

I think most of the personal insults are ridiculous and not needed however most are responses from other insults and perpetuate the brawl.

The people here cant even find Buy Sell and Trade or the Rental Group so how would they find the political "tab" but isn't that the point to shut down debate?

I am off to an awesome New Years celebration and the last thing I will think about is Ning.

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Protect your dogs and cats from those awful fireworks. ;-) (I dont care es la costumbre aqui)

Adios de  para El Gato 2016!

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Happy New Year Gato

El Gato

ARF said they were taking up the mission for dealing with Feral Cats...LOL, maybe you should look into it? (friendly joke).

Happy New Years

Happy New Year to you too buddy.

I have my own program for all feral animals who try to kill my chickens.


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