Often times well meaning Ning users tell newbies to use the Search function to find answers to their questions.   If you have ever tried to use the search function on Ning, you will be greatly frustrated and the poor newbie is likely to just give up.   As nice as the ning software might be, the search feature is very weak.

A better search is available using the Google Advanced Search page.


You can search the boquete.ning.com site by entering "boquete.ning.com" where the form says "site or domain:".   In addition, you can limit your search results to discussions that have happened in the past week, month or year by selecting the drop down menu labelled "Last Update ".  With the way things are constantly changing in Panama, it is important to get the most recent information.

Hopefully, this will help the newbies searching for answers as well as those of us that are looking for that one discussion we remember from long ago.

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Thanks, Dan. Great tip.

Thanks, Dan!

Very helpful advice, thanks. 

Since the built-in search function does not support classic operators like "and" and "or" and ignores quotation marks that denote phrases rather then words, it is quite useless.  

Every Ning search that I tried 3 years ago when I signed up returned gobs of irrelevant information,so I switched to Google site search. 

Thanks for the brief tutorial  which should benefit many people who visit this site.  .

Have been searching (although not advanced) with Google since you made this suggestion, Dan. Thanks


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