10:30 in the BCP Theater

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Tuesday, July 31 –Milagros Sanchez Pinzón, executive director of Culturama International in David, is the premiere historian for Chiriqui Province and Boquete in particular. She authored the book Boquete, Rasgos de su Historia in 2001 and Boquete: Valley of the eternal rainbow in 2006 -- research and photos illustrating the rich history of Boquete and its founding families. Luz Graciela Joly Adames, Tenured Professor of Anthology, Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, Autonomous University of Chiriqui, will translate. Milagros will bring photos of the early history of Boquete. The speakers will be introduced by Price Peterson, long time Boquete resident and former U.S. Warden for Boquete.

Tuesday, August 7- Mark Heyer and his wife Martine, spent 2 months traveling Europe and visited many of the "hotspots" for expats.  Come and enjoy all the stories and wonderful photos that they took.  Who knows, you may even see some of your friends who have moved.  Mark is a great photographer and speaker, don't miss this one!


Tuesday, August 14  - There will NOT be a talk this week as the play Rumours will be in production and we don't want to take a chance with the set, lighting or sound.  See you next week!\


Tuesday, August 21 - Jason Cuthbert is a computer science student at FRCC in Colorado, he will be giving a talk about Internet security and good practices to follow to stay safe online.  This is something that is important for all of us.  Q&A will definately be a part of this talk.


Tuesday, August 28 - Newcomers Panel Q/A  If you are new to Boquete or just have questions, this is the talk to attend.  Al Stefanelli, Lin Hall, Larry Schramm and Penny Barrett.  Each has been in Boquete for a different length of time.  I call it a Newcomer's Talk, they will each describe a little about themselves, how long they have been in Boquete, what made them choose to come here, what challenges they faced settling in, etc.  Most of the time will be available for the audience to ask individual questions.

To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings, please email talks@eventsboquete.org

To become a vendor at the Tuesday market,  Facility Manager


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This is the 2nd time Luz and Milagros have given this talk. It proved to be very popular last year. We should all know the history of the place we've decided to call "home".


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