Does anyone have info regarding if local pharmacies in Panama will honor medical prescriptions written by a doctor in the US?

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Probably not, but many drugs that are prescription in the U.S. can be bought over the counter here without a prescription.
thanks for the info...any idea on how could I find out what drugs are available? also, can prescriptions [if they aren't available otc] be ordered from canada over the internet??
Try asking in a farmacia. If the meds are available in Panama and some fo the few that require a prescription any local doctor can write one.
The only drugs I've found that are available here only by prescription are hardcore narcotics. They require not only a prescription but also the physician's stamp. Most drugs available in the U.S. are also available here, although they may have a different brand name. I've found the pharmacies to be pretty good at translating. Or you can do it ahead of time by doing an Internet search and finding out the generic name of whatever drug you need and then giving that name to the pharmicist.
Darlene, that is a recent and actually good rule. But dogs can still get antibiotics without prescription so ask your dog to get it or just tell them it is for your dog.
I took my gardener to the pharmacy to get antibiotics, and he didn't have a prescription. And I've taken an old box and had it refilled without a prescription. This led me to believe that a prescription isn't required for antibiotics, but perhaps they considered both to be refills.

My husband has type 2 diabetes and takes many other medications for many things. He has only one medicine he requires a prescription here in Panama to purchase. He even gets his regular sleeping aides here at the pharmacy. Many of these are less than he paid in the States, Only the pain medications require the prescription. However, he has found several very effective pain killers that do not require prescriptions.

For 3 months he was having his medications mailed to our daughter's house in Tuscon Abby would then forward them to us here. It is no savings. 

our neighbor is Candien and she tells me she figured this out several years ago. It is just as inexpensive to buy here as in America and similar in price to Canada. The 2 week time lag was the worst for them.

To pay the doctor in Panama the $ 10.00 for a visit and a prescription is a bargain.




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