It seems the last discussions around flights To / From David from anywhere but PC are quite old. Does anyone have any updated information on this? i.e. Any way to fly from Costa Rica or other international airports to David?

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GO to AirPanama or Copa websites. They have all of the flights listed. Just search for your flight.

DAV is the code for David.

Thank you! I've checked both sites but the only flights they appear to have are to/from Panama City. I can't seem to find anything to David from anywhere outside the country.

Go see Anavilma at David Travel in the Don Vidal building in Boquete by the bridge.  She knows everything about travel.

Thanks Judy! Would you happen to have her email?

Phone 720-2848


David Airport has no customs office; therefore, can not receive any international flights. Also, Panama City wants to have all international flights leave from there. 

Thank you Christian! I see Copa now flys from PTY to David so at least that offers a bit of competition for Air Panama. Decades on and we're still hoping for that elusive flight from San Jose :)

air panama has the san jose flights from david unless they cancelled them.

They did have them, but just crazy expensive........So unless youre in the upper tax bracket, its a bus trip for $18........There are flights from Bocas direct to S.J. as well........

Any travel agent will fix you up with a connecting flight from Dav to Pty and then wherever youre goin.........COPA is good as long as they have some competition.......But if they dont, look OUT!

Copa has been flying between Panama City and David for several years now. It's great for international flights because because there're no transportation costs between Albrook and Tocumen. It's been at least as long since it was possible to fly between David and San Jose.
Well SJO to DAV? Did it years ago - we must have been some of the original "beta testers". Not a good experience.

From US to DAV? Nope and not holding my breath LOL!


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