Visas for foreign tourists are lowered to 90 days

Bajan a 90 días las visas para turistas extranjeros

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What does this mean if you are already here.  I crossed the border on October 30th.  Does that mean that I have to cross the border By the end of January?  What if some has been here for 4 months.  Does that mean that they are now illegal?

Can you tell me more about the temporary immigration card?

If you come into Panama as of December 28, 2016, you are only allowed to stay in the country for 90 days

So I can cross the in April and after that I have to cross every 90 days?  What do you know about the Temporary immigration card?

Could you clarify does that mean if you came in previous to dec.28 the stamp is still good for for six months from the day of the stamp? Or does that mean that I would have to renew within 90 days of dec 28th?

previous to Dec 28, I believe you are grandfathered in... ask Immigration in David to be on the safe side. Anything after Dec 28 has 90 days

Is there a specific page in this file that talks about this new law? I couldn't find it.

I linked the law 590 above

You get a temporary immigration card from immigration services when you register as a tourist who will begin a residency process whether for pensionado or friendly nations. Your lawyer usually does that. Before they were good for 1 yr. Now they are good for 6 months and cost $50

I think that a lot of people will leave.  One of the reasons why I cam here and not Columbia was the 6 month vs 3 month tourist visa.

There have been a lot of changes announced and lots of people dismissed them as "never happening".

Unfortunately, due to lots of ongoing abuse by many expats, Venezuelans and Colombians, Panama is revising their immigration laws and tightening their rules. If anyone wants to live in Panama, then they must do a residency using their many options, there are lots more than Pensionado and Friendly Nations. Border hopping will change as they are also enforcing the 72 hr rule and they are even considering revising that policy to make it a longer time.

It is recommended that anyone who wishes to relocate to Panama does their residency. Even the immigration IDs are now 6 months vs. 1 year before, so really it's about either they come to Panama to do things right, follow their immigration rules and integrate or come as a tourist, stay 90 days and leave the country for a period longer than 72 hrs.

Lots of people will leave, but a bunch of others will become legal which is what they want. Ultimately, it's about protecting jobs for the nationals preventing those on tourist visas to work without authorization and to control the crazy influx of migrants coming in from South America. It is not so much aimed at expats who are under the Jubilado visa, but it will be felt by those who due to different reasons (criminal records, lack of funds, not being sure if Panama is the place) do not process their status adjustments.

Expats living here on tourist visas, who drive a vehicle, needed to exit the country every 90 days under the previous law in order to be in compliance with drivers license laws. But now this means every "tourist" can't stay longer than 90 days.

The same is true for visitors to the United States, incidentally, not that it seems to be enforced.

It will be enforced in Panama, that is the big difference. Panamanians are allowed to stay 180 days in the US, but no one enforces the overstays in the US, Panama will do it the right way deporting those who overstay


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