Visas for foreign tourists are lowered to 90 days

Bajan a 90 días las visas para turistas extranjeros

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I came back from the border DEC 22. So is it 3 months from then, or starting now?

It depends where you are from and the type of visa you are here under I was contacted by my embassy and was assured the immigration changes didn't apply to me as a Canadian I didn't need a visa and could still stay 180 days( commonly referred to as a tourist visa but in actuality there is no visa issued I am just allowed to stay 6 months)I posted the email response from the embassy I received yesterday in a previous post, if you have concerns send your embassy an email and ask to make sure, but from what I understand the countries with unilateral trade agreement are still 180 days, the problem is people are trying to interpret the decrees and assuming the changes apply to everyone but they don't. But hey my embassy could be wrong who knows and I could be kicked out lol, in that case I feel I have done my due diligence and if it happens good riddance haha. this is the email I received on the 16th of January 2017 from the Canadian embassy after asking if I could only stay 90 days or 180 days

"Dear client,

As per Panamanian immigration information will not affect Canadians, it applied only for countries that needs visa to enter the country. Canadians still allowed to stay 180 (6 months), but and the end is the sole prerogative of the country to allowed you to enter the country."




Francys Hernandez

Consular Assistant

A link to an explanation sorts in this article


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