Visiting Boquete for the month of December 2018 -- questions and looking for a piano


I am going to be visiting Boquete during December, 2018.

While I'm visiting, I'd like to rent a small place to live for the month.  I'd like to live as "normally" as possible.

Does anyone know of a small flat or casita for rent on a monthly basis?

Also, I am a piano student.  Does anyone know of any of the following:

1.  Piano teachers in Boquete

2.  A place I could live which would have a piano available for me to practice on?

3.  A music store or similar which might be willing to let me  rent a nice electronic keyboard for a month?

I'm really looking forward to my visit.  I visited Boquete in October, 2015, and enjoyed it very much.  I'm thinking of retiring in Boquete in a couple of years, so I would be interested in meeting as many people and groups as possible.

I'm interested in music and theatre.  I know there is a theatre group because I went to their Halloween party when I was in Boquete before.  I'd also like to find some community service groups I could work with to help the community.  I know of Buenos Vecinos and Amigos de Animales, but I'd be happy to learn of other places where I might be able to help out.

I'm a trained teacher and have taught high school mathematics, so I might be able to give you some help with that.

I'm really looking forward to my upcoming visit.  I enjoyed Boquete on my last visit, so I'm excited about meeting more people and learning more.

Thank you very much for any information or help you can provide.

Gregg Smith

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Does a casita on a small organic farm interest you? Check out this link. It's only up til the end of the month.

Thanks. I don't understand what you mean by "It's only up 'til the end of the month." I'm interested in a place to stay in DECEMBER.
The link advertising the rental is only good til the end of the month. I'm not renewing it right away. I know you're looking at December. Please email or call me and we can talk more. All the contact info is in the ad. From the US call 310 929 7038 or email volcancitocabinas at gmail dot com.

OK, thanks.  I was a little confused.  I'll send an e-mail.

Hello Greg,

I have a small studio right in the heart of Boquete whoch I can reserve it for you for the month of December.

About the piano classes , there a place call Los 33 school music leaded by a local musicians and they do tech at the moment Piano.

A place with a piano included will might be a bit of common specially in latin american culture unless is an high in place.

I also work here with tourism and run some tours, in case you desire to do some outdoors activities. For volunteer opportunities there is plenty as you had experienced with Buenos vecinos or Amigos de animales, depending of what dates will you be in town it will be several things going on since will be Christmas time.

Let me know your thoughts about the studio and in fact I have listed on the rental section so you can see it.

Have a great day Greg.


I believe that almost everyone on this forum realizes that you are just trying to help people out here Oscar. Keep up the good work. You are an asset to the Boquete area. We need more young men like you here.

I question the appropriateness of Oscar's reply. Should he be promoting his own rental property and private business in the "Ask Oscar" forum?

He did answer the questions I asked.  Whether that complies with the rules of the forum -- I don't know.  I would assume that almost anyone who answered my request for places to stay would be offering his own rental property.

Also check Airbnb.  There are over 100 rentals in Boquete.

Thanks. AirBnB was a great suggestion -- tons of rentals.

Thanks to everyone who replied.  I've found a place to stay now.

Thank you for your help.



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