I would love to hear people's opinions on your weather. We hope to make the move there next year. I have researched quite a bit online and know you have a wet season and a dry season. My questions are on humidity, comfort of the temperature, wind and sunny days.

I know humidity can feel very uncomfortable, especially when it's also hot. I realize that due to Boquete's elevation people say it's lovely spring-like weather. I just don't know how high humidity levels feel at your elevation.

I'd like to also know about wind. I've read that some people have said that Boquete is the windiest place they've ever lived, yet local charts online typically say 7-10 mph, which is just a breeze. So just how windy is it and do you ever have days or a few hours at a time when it's still?

So how much sun do you get there? Are there days at a time where you don't see any sun?

Does it ever feel chilly there? Are there days/times when a light jacket is needed?

Are there any nights that are ever warm and still?

Just trying to get an overview on what residents think about the weather. Thanks so much!

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Here's something rarely mentioned. Since the humidity is high (chemical action generally doubles with each 20C rise in temperature) your kitchen utensils, nail clippers, car horn contacts, etc. will corrode badly over time. Envelopes will self seal. Particle board furniture will disintegrate. However dry skin is not a problem.

Thank you Pantah for weighing in. Yes, I've heard this too. Sounds like it would do a number over time too on computers, tablets, etc. But...I'll bet everyone has beautiful skin!

We lived in Phoenix for 25 years, and the humidity there was under 10% a lot of the time, so.... we don't like humidity, and I can honestly say that I don't feel that Boquete is humid. David is another matter. That being said, Pantah is correct when he says that you have to watch out for corrosion and mold. The thing is to keep the air moving. The dry season is the windy season. Breezes in some areas, winds in others.

Thank you Maureen. Your feedback is really helpful. So, in regard to wind/breeze, is it ever just still at any time, night or day? Also, if you're willing to share, just how much sunshine do you see? Are there times when it's totally cloudy for days on end with no sun? Thanks so much!

8 months of rain (mostly afternoons). Use a dehumidifier. Dry season is comfortable. you will never sweat here unless you hike or use the gym. I live at 3,500 and you can not find better weather. when you are retired rainy afternoons a blessing for naps, cards, TV sports, etc etc. I would never compare Boquete to any location in the states for on simple reason; There is not a comparable location in the USA.

Yes, we have neither an air conditioner nor a heater, and don't need either. We live north of Boquete, about 5 minutes drive in the car (when they aren't working on the roads) The rainy season is pretty predictable. Get your jobs done in the morning. Rain comes in around 1pm - 6pm, then eases. Usually the rain is warm, you will see people in shirt sleeves with an umbrella. That said, the amount of rain and wind can change within the space of a few hundred yards, also the temperatures - the nearer to David, the hotter it gets it seems to me.

Thank you Maureen. When you say rain comes around 1 pm - 6 pm, does it last all five hours, or how long does it typically rain when it does during those hours? I've heard 2 - 3 hours.

Thank you Hil. I'll bet a dehumidifier can be really helpful. Are those easy to buy there?

We moved here almost ten years ago and brought a couple of dehumidifiers with us.  Maybe my wife used one for two or three months in her sewing room a long time ago.  The humidity is not oppressive, and you can easily become used to it.  Our windows remain open 24/7. We have never had mold to grow in the showers. It can show up on shoes, leather jackets, caps, etc. and a few other things.  I developed a liquid spray that kills the mold, and it does not come back. 

Tools in my workshop do tend to rust easily, so it is a good idea to protect them with oil or a special fluid I make that contains paraffin and leaves a thin protective film on the metal.

Thank you Bob...your feed back on the humidity/weather. It helps to hear it from those who live there.

Here is the weather site showing temps, rainfall, humidity, etc.


I would say that humidity ranging from 48 to 89% is pretty humid.  Plus it feels humid, especially at the beginning of the rainy season when the wind stops, but before the big rains begin.  I never had my envelopes self-seal and my leather shoes mold until I moved here.   Yep, Boquete is humid.

That's great information Judy. So you experience Boquete as being 'humid". Several other people have weighed in and said it did not feel humid at that elevation. I'm quite sensitive to humidity, so just checking. Are you lucky enough to have straight hair? I've got naturally curly hair and am concerned if I lived there I'd look like Harpo Marks. (LOL)


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