I would love to hear people's opinions on your weather. We hope to make the move there next year. I have researched quite a bit online and know you have a wet season and a dry season. My questions are on humidity, comfort of the temperature, wind and sunny days.

I know humidity can feel very uncomfortable, especially when it's also hot. I realize that due to Boquete's elevation people say it's lovely spring-like weather. I just don't know how high humidity levels feel at your elevation.

I'd like to also know about wind. I've read that some people have said that Boquete is the windiest place they've ever lived, yet local charts online typically say 7-10 mph, which is just a breeze. So just how windy is it and do you ever have days or a few hours at a time when it's still?

So how much sun do you get there? Are there days at a time where you don't see any sun?

Does it ever feel chilly there? Are there days/times when a light jacket is needed?

Are there any nights that are ever warm and still?

Just trying to get an overview on what residents think about the weather. Thanks so much!

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That's all good to hear Amanda. That gives me a better feel for the place too. Have a good day!

I hear the Panama Relocation tours are a very good way to try it out here.
My husband and I came here thinking of the same thing and having done our research.
A lot of info online is too slanted and paints a pretty picture, I think.
We did come from a very dry climate and only 10" rain a year plus lots of snow. That said, our experience has been: humidity often 80 to 100%, 75° can be very damp and uncomfortable. Going for hikes can range from very sweaty, to loving the breeze when it comes. They say this month gets about 43" of rain. We are getting about 4 to 5" every day right now. You need to be an early morning person as its still dry and sunny until about 11ish. After that it has been steady downpours until dark. Thunder and lightening.
This weather is not fitting us.
That is my opinion and something to chew on. It's best to know the truth of what to expect.

Hi Sharlene and thank you for your feedback. Sorry to have not replied earlier, just got a bit busy. Your feedback sounds honest and true. I really appreciate it. I have to admit what you shared does NOT sound like a climate I'd want to live. in. I knew there is a wet season, but had heard it typically only rained for 2-3 hours mid to late afternoon and then stops. Maybe that's the "official story" given by the tourism industry. I have heard good things about the Panama Relocation tours. I am on their newsletter list. If you care to share more, I'm open. What are you planning on doing? Are you going to stay?

Where do you live, Sharlene? That has not been my experience at all in over ten years living here. There are many, many microclimates in Boquete. I live at 4000 ft. north of town, and it's always, always cool here with very little wind.

Deborah, it's the tropics. Of course the humidity is higher than most other climates on earth. If you prefer a desert climate or snow, you won't find it here. And what is it about Sharlene's post that sounds "honest and true" in comparison to others? What is honest and true is that there are a number of microclimates throughout Boquete, as demonstrated by the posts of others and by the weather charts provided.

I think everything that can be said has been said on this topic. Time to move on.

The best description i have ever heard of living in Boquete is that it is like living in a cave.

What do you mean by (living in cave) John? How long have you lived there? Just looking for honest feedback from locals.

It is cool and damp here at night or when the sun is down. I moved here in 2006. the Canadians seem to adapt well here. Be prepared to have a couple of blankets on your bed at night. Come here and rent a place for 6 months or so to see if you can adapt before you worry about opening a bank account or other things. You can live off of a debit card like most of us do. Dont put the cart in front of the horse like so many people i have seen come and go. This place is not for everybody. 

Good to know John. Thank you for your feedback. Enjoy your day!

Debra,  My husband and I moved to Panama in 2015 and we have moved more than most people!  We have lived in different places/micro-climates.  We were so surprised that even a few miles away due to altitude and things that the climate could be completely different!  Some places are more windy and some places gets more rain.  There is also a vast difference in the amount of mold you might have to deal with due to the rental property you choose.  Some times you have to live in a place a while before you find out just what you will be dealing with weather wise.  That is why Panama Relocation Tours tell you to rent first before you buy.  I highly recommend you go on one of their tours.  They will show you other places as well as Boquete, and some of those places you might never have considered.  But as a avid "humidity hater", don't be frightened off by the talk of humidity here.  I have lived in Houston, Texas and TRUST ME, Boquete and the surrounding areas are nothing like Houston when it comes to that uncomfortable, sticky feeling!  Come here and enjoy the area!  It is one of the most beautiful places on earth and remember if you rent, you can find out what micro-climate is best for you!

Thank you Elaine for your great feedback. Question on using this forum. I'm pretty much finished with getting weather feedback from everyone. Am I suppose to close the link or do something to stop getting feedback? Thanks much!

Buy a dehumidifier and you will be fine inside. No need for air conditioning or heat in Jaramillo Arriba where I live. Some nights you may want a blanket along with your bedspread. The wind does get very strong in my area for several weeks of the year, but it’s only for a few hours a day. No different than the Santa Ana winds in Southern California if you are familiar.

Thank you Pamela. And "yes" I do know about the old Santa Ana winds. Use to live there a couple decades ago. Good to know a humidifier helps. Do you recommend buying one down there, or shipping one?  Also, if you care to share, where is Jaramillo Arriba located compared to downtown Boquete?


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