“Tyson Gay’s daughter killed in a shooting”, for those who don’t know Tyson Gay is the U.S. 100 meters sprint record holder and his 15 year old daughter was killed in the cross fire in Tennessee.

“Police fatally shoot woman after mental health call”

“3 killed, 12 injured in LA restaurant shooting”

. . . .

Schools shooting this decade.

Incidents 125

Deaths 134

Injuries 176

This is more than double the number of incidents in the last decade and we are just over half way through.

Compared to:-


Incidents 4

Deaths 6


Incidents 3

Deaths 3


Incidents 3

Deaths 8

Information taken from Wikipedia feel free to research alternate sources.

I surmise from previous posts two main reasons for electing Trump and not electing Clinton. Trump will shake up government rather than continuing with the status quo. Bill Clinton shouldn’t be in the White House because of his past sexual misgivings. Chances are good that some of the faces on prize possessions you carry around in your billfold could have been just as guilty as Clinton, are you willing to give them up on principle? It is only in recent times that these things were made known when women were allowed a voice and the media was heard around the country. Power was always a tool for abuse, but fortunately things are changing. I question a shakeup A la Trump when the present method of running the county has made the U.S.A. the number one nation in the world and the envy of most every country out there. If you really want to modify the constitution then the second amendment has to be screaming for attention.

For those who might say that this has no bearing on life in Boquete, I say it does. The world copies what goes on there because it is the number one nation in the world and so prominent in every way.     

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Well, so much for paying attention to Olga.

Never known you to be so brief. 

The constitution needs no modification. It should be adhered to.

You post shows that they need more guards with guns just like here in Panama.

All of you anti-gun people here should look around there are lots of guns everywhere.

I love the moto cops with the combat gear and AR-15's or street sweepers.

That maintains law and order.

And they need to ban knives too.

Japan knife attack: At least 19 dead


It will stop when the country bans violent criminals. Mandatory life in prison when you commit a crime using a firearm. It will stop when prisons become a place for punishment, not just incarceration where each prisoner pays for their stay including meals via work programs. No work then no food and you stay in a shared cellar. Once you ban criminals then the country will be safe again.

Oh but wait... this logical solution will never happen because of bleeding heart liberals who strive to protect criminals and blame inanimate objects that are protected by the constitution. Let's shred the constitution and preserve the criminals. That's liberal "thinking".

America is circling the drain because of liberals and social justice warriors.

I prefer a quick trial, no appeals, and immediate execution via guillotine.  Every courthouse should have a guillotine in the parking lot.

You write a good and valid paragraph, but then spoil the post by finishing it with dribble.  

As most  know my post(s), I am a firm believer in gun rights.  BUT, technology exist to minimize these type of acts that cause death.  There are many options of self defense and or pro defense using different options for protection which could be employed.   

Here is one technology that might work: Everyone shall henceforth wear bulletproof underwear.

Or another one: All guns currently in circulation shall be modified to shoot paintballs only.


Any other suggestions, Peter? But don't mention gun control - that's for lefties!

My primary objective in posting this was in the hope of shocking many readers with those numbers and maybe some would understand that it is time to take your head out of the sand. Everyone values young lives but this type of thing is way out of control and lives that should be allowed to grow and flourish are being cut short. It’s past time to turn the corner and make this all a bad memory.    

Chicago is a gun free zone.

I guess the yute just dont listen.

I agree with Gordon commit a crime with a gun life with no parole in a La Joya style prison.

I quit reading when I read that there has been only three (3) shooting incidents in all of Mexico en lo que va de la década actual.   lol


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