My wife and I would like to buy some oil and acrylic paints, brushes, and a canvas or two. Has anyone found a supply store in David? Panama? Online?

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First, I am not an artist, so please don't consider my recommendations to be what you would want. However, I was amazed at the number of stores in David that have the type of paints, maybe brushes, etc that might be what you are looking for. The ones that come to mind are Picadilly and Daisy at the moment.

There may be a true artist that pipes in and tell you differently! Hope this helps-either way, I have had fun exploring many stores that are not frequented by expats.

Thanks Val. We'll check them out.

Daisy has probably the most selection although it is very limited in colors. Fair selection of brushes and a good supply of canvas. I buy basic colors both oil and acrylic there and have the rest airlifted in from the US or Brazil.

We went to Daisy. Very pleased for basics as you said. Thanks Steve.

Daisy has all the basics. Great lead Val. Thanks.

There is a store in Panama City by the name of Grand Morrison

that carries a large supply of ARTESAN supplies. You can probably order and have them shipped to Boquete by one of the shipping companies, ie Ferguson, Fletes Chavales, etc...


Just because we don't have the right information it didn't means it doesn't exist or is not available.

There are two big stores for art supplies in Panama City


Located in Ave Manuel E. Batista.  It is the Avenue that start at the El Carmen Church and Hotel El Panama.  They are in front of Universitas de Panama.  


Main store is located at the end of Ave Ricardo J. Alvaro close to San Miguelito and besides Hospital San Miguel Arcangel. I don't know if they still have a store close to El Pincel in front of the university of Panama.

They are the most complete and important art supplies stores in Panama

There are other stores but I can't remember their names and new locations.

Hi Roger. We went to Artec. Great store. Thanks.


I hope you get all the products you needed there.   

In front of the university, there is another store right next door that sells artist's supplies but I can't remember the name.
4.7  (5) · Art Supply Store
Ricardo J. Alfaro
+507 230-6868
Closing soon: 5:00 PM
4.7  (5) · Art Supply Store

We went to Artec. Great store. Thanks.

I am an Artist how is leaving Panama and have extra Acrylic paint for sale.

Call Ludwig at 6832-8292.


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