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Tips To List & Sell!

Hello all, 

So many members want the classified section to be more diverse.  So many of you are interested in old fashion barter exchange.  Now you can put your offers out to all the members and see who bites!  Have fun, you never know what you might trade for! 

Here are some tips we suggest all members should use to have a successful sale on Boquete Ning classifieds.

1) Offer a descriptive overview of what you are selling.

2) Tell potential buyers upfront your price, Do not make people guess!

3) Offer updated and quality pictures of the item() for sale ( Pictures really help)

4) Check and respond back to your Ad post a few times per day, potential buyers are looking to buy now, not days later.  Be responsive.

5) If you are comfortable, offer your email and or cell phone # in the ad, so those who are serious can reach you immediately.

6) Inform everyone on your ad when it is sold and or relist it to a lower price if you are really motivated to sell it. ( Care about fellow members by informing all when it sells).

7) Good communication with honesty about the item(s) for sale is really important.

8) Be as specific as you can with stating "Sell, Buy, Barter or Wanted"  Try not to leave members guessing,. 

Good Luck!  

If you are successful at finding or selling please just mark the thread closed and an admin will delete it.

Note: to offer something or request something go to bottom of discussions and add the item or request. comments are, well, comments.

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Comment by Guy Craig 12 hours ago

Allan call me if you want that info...


Comment by Jefe Lady 12 hours ago

Commercial ads are appearing...........please stop this. This is supposed to be individuals selling from time to time not people who are constantly selling!

Comment by Bare 14 hours ago
Need to get your computer fixed ? You think you have a virus or spyware on your computer?
Looking for a cheap MacBook for work or a computer in general? Come by the Plaza LOS ESTABOLS in boquete after the coffee shop (katowa). (Inside the plaza) Our shops name is (MICRO SERV) Where we repair,fix,sell laptops,desktops,computers cell phones any cable or power supply you need.Routers, tablets and other computer technology all cheap an non gringo price guaranteed!!! So stop by today!! hours are 9am to 5pm monday thru friday english spanish it dont matter come bye and save money with MICRO SERV !!! And we are now offering cheap ink refills for any ink cartridge !!  We have had over 60 start ups in the states we deal with anything security-related security cameras security hookups ect  we have 4 years working for google  repairing computers desktops and systems we do website building we have 34 years of hacking experience we can unlock any computer or any cell phone that is blocked if anything breaks with your system or computer phone exedra we can fix it guaranteed so stop bye today!! You can say we are over experienced and we are more than professionals
If you Mansion (bear from boquete ning) at the check-out you get a five percent discount!
Comment by Allan Lewis yesterday

Thanks so far Guy and Steve. I will keep doing my homework and I personally know Guy and his extensive experience... please give me some names and numbers Guy as I don't know where to even find them... no yellow pages here right? I will make contact with you also Steve... Thanks so far..... anyone else have info?... must be a lot of it out there....

Comment by Margie Brooke yesterday

Men's Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra Trail Runners - Size 11. Left by a guest, no room in the suitcase. $25.  6607-4060 or

Comment by Steve Gibson on Tuesday

Allan, I can help you with this. It is a long explanation about what is worth trying to be shipped back and I will be candid with you about the process. House hold goods are not a problem but when you get into titled vehicles the process gets longer. Give me a call or an email and I will explain the process and give advice. 6900-0764 or I have 25 years in the shipping business and my partner in the US has 45 years in Panama and the US. we can provide door to door shipping and customs.

Comment by Guy Craig on Tuesday

Allan...I would contact a few Custom Brokers and compare prices... much easier and cheaper if you have a container going back... if you can get one filled... There are a few shipping companies that will give you a quote... but the Custom Brokers like to hide extra fees in a all inclusive package. Be careful with anyone you deal with and assume that they want to charge more than what is appropriate. Do your homework and then do it again. You are dealing in a dishonest and trecherous business but with that being said things are shipped every day. If you don't have enough to fill a whole 20 or 40 foot container you can always get someone to go in with you that you trust and split the costs. BUT it can only go in one name. You are responsible for what the other person is bringing and they have to trust you. Customs duties fluctuate depending on which port it is leaving from and which port it is arriving to. Don't expect to be called back or treated well by the people in this business. They are lazy and in exact. You have to follow up on verything they do. Always look over their shoulders and be prepared to be the one who is always doing the contacting. It may be good to get a Customs broker in the States to be on the receiving end. House hold goods which are returning  are generally exempt of duties... but there may be some squablings as to proof, etc.  There is a local shipping company here and several in Panama City.. all depends where you want to go, etc. You need to contact a lot of people and write their names and numbers down. There are things like fumigation and drayage that have to be coordinated. The more homework you do and the more you deal stateside with the shipping company's representatives the easier it gets. People here in Panama in this business are generally less reliable than other Panamanians ... they like to deal with you once and move on without finishing the job. Get a big paper pad and start writing down names and numbers and ask for quotes. But you need to be persistent.

Comment by Allan Lewis on Tuesday

How do you return to live in the USA?

I see a lot of people each year selling stuff prior to going back to live in the states. My question is if one has lived here for several years, how do you go about returning your furnishings and maybe even a car or boat, and whatever else to the USA. Do you pay taxes? Hire a container company (who?), fill out forms? (with who?)... need permits?... what about bringing a gun back that is permitted here?

Anyone who knows the ropes please fill me in... I think this will also help a lot of other people... Thanks very much all of you who take an interest in helping me out... Allan

Comment by Viviane Lachaud Leckenby on Monday

 Looking for 2 two seater sofa or one 1 seater and 1  two   seater

Comment by Mary M. Battista on Monday

Looking for a CAT SCRATCHING POST and toys.

If you have one for sale, please contact or call 66066979



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