We have lost our maid of 10 years and need to find a replacement.  We are looking for a dependable, responsible, meticulous person to clean one day a week.  If you know of anyone, please reply to jrse@cableonda.net.  Thanks.

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Where do you live and what days do you need her services? We have a great person for the last 3 years...

We live by The Fish House.  What are you paying her?

     where do you live??? did you find someone???

We live by the Fish House.  I am still interviewing.

I have someone good the Sister of my Maid, She charge $15 per day of 8 hrs.

Please message me with her info.
I am looking for someone in downtown area.

Please e-mail to Me....viviannelachaud@yahoo.com

Responders: please remember that it is customary to provide a lunch/beverage preferably a 'hot' lunch for Panamanians working for you. $15. sounds a little low for an 8 hour workday. Will you be paying transportation costs for this person or is this included in the $15.?  Hope that you are also bi-lingual so that you can convey your thoughts on her housekeeping chores to avoid misunderstands. 

no, Patrick, it is not customary for a boss to cook a hot meal for the help.

Been living here 17+ years and before I was married I always provided a hot lunch to my employees, remember I said 'provide' I didn't say cook. I provided the food, my employees cooked it how they liked.  I married a Panamanian lady and she has lots of Aunts who work as domestics and they are always provided with Lunch. My God, you only pay $15 for 8 hours and expect these poor ladies to bring there own lunch. Do you even give them a 1/2 hour lunch break? Do you even provide transportation? How do you even keep your help?

I think you'll get the reliability, good service and loyalty you'll pay for. And yes, it is customary to provide a good lunch... But only some will understand. I am not suggesting that they should be paid what they are paid in the US, but there is a minimum... yet decency is not a quality for all...

Call or Whats App Victoria:


Very reliable and trustworthy. Spanish only


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