We have lost our maid of 10 years and need to find a replacement.  We are looking for a dependable, responsible, meticulous person to clean one day a week.  If you know of anyone, please reply to jrse@cableonda.net.  Thanks.

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Hello, I am interested! I am bilingual and very dependable. We just gotta agree a schedule and that´s it! my phone number is 6022-3441.

I am meticulous to a T!!!!! I don't want a meal, or food to take home! I want good pay for GREAT work! 6305-5584

Are you a Panamanian, do you have working papers? Why would you want to take a job away from a local who find it difficult enough to support their families? 

yeah! there are people like me who´s looking for a honest way to pay college and survive or even people  who have many kids but not studies to get a good job and that doesn´t mean we are not meticulous . But like that you give a great job ! :D

I've only been here 2 months today, and am already taking part in helping the locals! I also came here to see if I could afford to live here. I picked up 10 medications to the tune of almost $500.00 yesterday. Mind YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!! I make it a point to NEVER ASSUME(make an ass of you and me) what others are going through!

Just specifying the law, if you are NOT a Panamanian Citizen and you DON'T HAVE working papers you cannot take a job away from someone who qualifies!!! You should have investigated before you came here if you could afford to live here!!! If you need that amount of medications did you think that a third world poor country would provide them to you for free! I think that you are the ASS for Assuming that you could live here and take a job away from a local such as that young girl Kathleen Gutiérrez who posted before you.


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