Real wood is beautiful and in Canada we used it almost exclusively... so why not here?
The humidity levels are very high in Panama and greatly affect wood, as does the change from Rainy season to Dry Season. Wood, even when dried thoroughly, will "move" in this level of humidity, which will cause cracking, splitting, and warping. The speed of which this movement takes place will be determined by how well the wood was dried. It can happen within a year or slowly over many years.
We brought some beautiful wood cabinets with us from Canada, expertly made, wood that was dried completely, finished (sprayed) and it has been affected by the humidity here. It took 3 - 5 years for the damage to become noticeable. The doors will not close properly in the rainy season and the edges and corners have swollen.
This is the normal nature of wood and cannot be avoided.
That is why we have chosen to work with a water resistant melamine here in Panama. The material is treated to withstand the humidity. It is 500 times more resistant to water than wood... And it comes in many beautiful colors and textures and wood looks as well.
It is the perfect choice for cabinets in Panama.
Come see us if you want more information!
Pan Pacific Interiors Corp.
775-7769, Located in Nuevo Vedado, David.

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Pan Pacific built and installed our cabinets, counter tops, sink, dishwasher, backsplash and under-cabinet lighting.

They did a great job, and "Mama" is very happy with the whole job.  (And as we all know, if "Mama" ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!)

Thanks Bob, we are so happy that Brandy is happy!!!


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