Obesity is fast becoming the biggest health threat worldwide. The U.S. leads the pack of the developed countries with every third U.S. citizen being seriously  (20% or more) overweight. By comparison, in Canada every 4th citizen is overweight and in Switzerland, only one in six has a pot belly.

Up for debate: Why?

Is it

- lack of exercise ("couch potato" lifestyle),

- genetics

- diet (excessive indulgence in McDo's, KFC, Coca Cola)

- a combination of the above?

The top 25 "obese countries" are (by % obese):

1 American Samoa 74.60
2 Nauru 71.10
3 Cook Islands 63.70
4 Tokelau 63.40
5 Tonga 57.60
6 Samoa 54.10
7 Palau 48.90
8 Kiribati 46.00
9 Marshall Islands 45.40
10 Kuwait 42.00
11 Saint Kitts and Nevis 40.70
12 Micronesia, Federated States of 40.60
13 Bahamas, The 34.70
14 Barbados 34.70
15 Belize 33.70
16 Qatar 33.20
17 Egypt 33.10
18 United States 33.00
19 Saudi Arabia 33.00
20 Bahrain 32.90
21 Czechia 32.70
22 United Arab Emirates 32.70
23 Mexico 32.10
24 South Africa 31.30
25 Fiji 30.60

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Maybe DJT should consider a campaign to stop this epidemic along with the opioid epidemic and start to lead by example, not entice his followers to add more body fat:

I don't know that kfc is looking good:}

I must agree.Looks better than the Turkey behind it...

Hey wally in impoverished cultures being fat is a sign of wealth.

I was living in a country and all the old ladies in the hood were trying to fix me up with fat chicks. When I told them I liked slim chicks they looked at me like I was nutz.

Adapting to the culture  you are in is important.

I still dont like fat chicks.

KFC buy American!

Do you really think that people are interested in your sad "sex-for-money" existence and your physical preferences?
I addressed this topic because it is a serious health issue in the U.S. and (to a lesser extent) elsewhere. In the U.S. they even have to hire fat cops and soldiers b/c they can't find enough physically fit ones...

In cuba a fat man is very desirable as it shows wealth. Just saying.

1 in 5 persons is obese in Cuba. Too much rice and other starchy food, I guess...

Wally do you understand how things work in the world?

I think not.

There are no serious problems anywhere  so get off your fake high horse you moron.

Cops eat donuts so they get fat.

Dont people like you want them to be slow and fat so "the people" can get away?

Wow that cat needs some exercise!!

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