Once again, being an idiot becomes a norm. Why Trumpettes have become the definition of new conservatism, IE, simpletons..

Reduce income and increase spending. The impending current tax code is a disaster. Check out the numbers. Only the koolaid drinkers of trumpism think this is a "great" thing. Luckily for everyone, those richest folks are going to get a GREAT tax break...and man, the dream of trickle down....is feverish.

Whatever, I hate to say, when your parents or grandparents get their SS checks cut, or their medicare payments increase, or the withholding tax goes crazy, or other social program that you don`t even realize some of you or a loved one uses...because selfishness is your thing.....that is why people are called douchebags for a reason.

Reminds me of our favorite sleepy crazy person, Dr. Ben Carson....a comic figure, but one illustrative of the current dummy mindset held by trumptards....to get to where he is, his mother and himself used DOZENS of social programs, set up to assist those in need....then once he becomes a born again whatever he is and a republican to boot, he renounces those EXACT same programs!!!!!

The classic, I`ve made it, let me close the gate behind me before the horses get out.  DOUCHEBAG.

That is the new mindset, and it is not just hateful and destructive, but, ultimately....an unAmerican and self-serving ideal, which will undermine what we stand for.

If this is indeed trumpism, I hope those diehard fans of his, get their comeuppance. Sadly, the rest of us are along for the ride.

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Every self-respecting American needs to research this upcoming tax bill, once you do so, you will have a better understanding of what it means to America, your state, your community, your family and lastly you as an individual.

Trust me, unless you are completely economically independent, and any children or elderly within your spectrum are NOT dependent on government assitance, in ANY form...and you make 750K+ annually... then you should support this.

If you do NOT meet ALL of these criteria, then, You are fucking yourself, Royally.

Do your homework.

Stop being a sheep. Stop being stupid. Stop drinking underserved loyalty koolaid.

Be an American.


My favorite thing about the tax bill is the biggest suppressors of economic freedom (the e.u.) hate it The Chinese admit that the 21% corporate tax rate will take business away from them making the U.S. a more attractive domicile.

They also point out that when this boosts the American economy and puts more money in the peoples pockets the rest of the world will see that high taxes suck and revolt against big government (brussles) just like when Brexit frees the people of Great Brittan.

I understand if this is to dificult for you to understand all you seem to care about is people on the dole.


It is sad that some simplistic things, such as presented to the layman, when they are being bend over and prison shower moments are happening...or "Squeal like a pig".....the vast majority of Americans are getting a screwing without lubrication...in fact, salt is thrown into the wound.

Whatever the koolaid drinkers are saying...this bill is a majority negative popular event. And, given the vast expert advice and ability....it is a terrible tax bill.

Actually, all you need to know...Trump and his family save 1+ billion dollars in taxes over the length of the tax breaks...isn`t that worh being a laughingstock.

See, you didn`t realize that did you...you have been cuckolds, and the horns are in your finances. Morons.

There is a new name for Trump's most faithful fans:
Derived from "Chetnik"


A Chetnik is the Serbian version of a queer cowboy. Those are armed and dangerous individuals who are not only NOT feared but worshipped as demigods by the backward state of Serbia.
You can recognize a chetnik by their unshaved neckbeards, poor hygiene, guns and the stench that can be felt through 12 feet of concrete.
They are a testament to what happens when you sell guns to semi-retarded internet boys who think that living in their mom's backyard and lighting sh*t on fire helps their country.

A Trumpnik is the U.S. version of a queer cowboy. Those are armed and grotesquely simpleminded individuals who are worshipped as "patriots" by the mentally handicapped population of the most backward states in the U.S.A..
You can recognize a Trumpnik by their unshaved neckbeards, poor hygiene, guns and the stench of cheap beer.
They are a testament to what happens when you sell guns and computers to semi-retarded boys who think that living in a small Panamanian mountain village and lighting sh*t on fire helps their country and is the "patriotic" thing to do.


For the residents and visitors of Boquete Panama

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