The artwork of Greg Meyer, (Ugly) American resident in Potrerillos Abajo

Hello all;

I am posting this as a favour to Greg Meyer who is too humble to post under his real name. His artistic talents are so special that they should not go unnoticed and deserve to be preserved for posteriority (he has the unfortunate modesty trait to erase his best work after a few moments).

It is very rare for an artist to bare his soul and express his innermost feelings, cravings and yearnings in such a subtle and honest way!

His long career as a prison guard and daily dealings with hardend criminals including many sex offenders evidently provided a lot of inspiration for his superb artwork and tells us his "life story" in a very detailed manner.

As an upstanding citizen I feel compelled to encourage Greg to  continue his artistic genius and I will continue to be his actuary so his talent will not be lost in cyberspace.

If you wish to encourage Greg in his artistic journey to fame you may send your words of praise or ideas for new creations to his wife Rosa (ask me for her email address) or phone him directly at (+507) 6474-3807.

Also, if you want to follow him on his path to fame and fortune, you may always do so by finding his current artist's name via this link:

On behalf of Greg Meyer, I thank you!

Dumpty Trumpty, a.k.a. Gone Fishing a.k.a. Gone Sailing but really Walter Steiner 

Now let's get the show started. Here is the first series of Greg's "artistic expressions of an American prison guard" ":

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Today's contribution to Greg's collection. Weak output today because he was probably busy studying his ancestry:

Notice how he skillfully blends American Army heroes and famous American sports figures with his ongoing "tale of Greg's dreams, aspirations and fantasies".

How wonderful!

Yesterday's creation. What - no "sex"? 

Well, if you spend your life "working" in prisons, there are two things that become part of your personality via over-exposure: Perversion and violence...

Thank you Greg for sharing your personality traits with us!

Greg is unusually silent. I wonder if it is because his "submissive wife" (his words, not mine) received an email with some of his "artwork"...:-)

I guess that my previous post woke up Greg's favorite subject and talent:


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