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Me too, me too, meow!

And when I grow up I wanna be just like him!

That says more about el gato than he can ever know. I

Last week 38% new poll yesterday 45% and it will continue to climb.

Whenever there are chances of a war and the POTUS uses colourful rhetoric and threats his popularity will rise, even if only temporarily. See the cold war episode with Russia (which is almost certainly going to start up again) and the criminal invasions of Iraq and Libya.

NK's lunatic dictator is doing the OCPOTUS a huge favour - diverting from the many domestic problems and awakening a sense of unity in the American people...

But that's only temporary. Wait and see!

Subject: Trump addiction




My name is Josh Freed and I am a Trumpaholic.

I shoot up the New York Times and other fake news sites every hour to see what havoc Trump’s been causing.

I ignore entire continents I used to follow. Who cares about Japan’s aging crisis, Greece’s debt crisis or even Brexit when North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Trump are trash-talking each other, like two schoolyard bullies carrying nuclear arms.

I apologize constantly to my friends after boring them to death with Trump talk, or driving people from the dinner table.

At least I don’t have to apologize to my wife, a journalist who is as addicted as I am. We are Trump enablers. Co-dependents who shoot up the president together.

I used to be a normal person who browsed the news in the morning, then rarely glanced at it again until the next day. But ever since Trump took over my brain and my planet, I am an online junkie — compulsively checking to see what I’ve missed the last hour, or minute.

Has he fired off another un-presidential presidential tweet like: “Hey Kim-Jong-whatever-your-name-is. One more word outta you and your days are over as ruler of Croatia”?

The world media helps to feed my addiction, like crack dealers always trying to sell another hit of “Breaking Trump News!!”

My friends also enable me. When I go to a dinner party someone’s guaranteed to say:

“OK, it’s been 21 minutes since we discussed you-know-who. Is it OK now?”

Like any addict, my habit cuts deeply into my time for other things. My eyes glaze over during TV shows I used to love, like House of Cards, which now seems much less dramatic than real life. It lacks the Trump Show’s gut-churning shock and awe.

My summer novels also seem dull and banal — practically non-fiction reading, compared to the crazy plot twists of the White House soap opera.

I am becoming as shallow and empty as the president.

When summer started, I promised myself I’d go clean. I started to ignore all the front-page Trump stories and substitute other media methadone to replace my addiction.

I tried doing hits of Macron, bongs of Brexit, tokes of Trudeau — lighter political addictions I could replace Trump with, then phase out later.

But the hard stuff rush of Trump’s outbursts always pulled me back, from his Boy Scout tirade to his firing of FBI chief James Comey.

I hit rock bottom during the Scaramucci miniseries: a vulgar, hypnotic 10-day Godfather-style melodrama filled with betrayals, back-stabbings and political executions. I got utterly hooked on it and overdosed so badly I practically blacked out.

That was my turning point. In late July, I decided to go into full rehab — a week-long seaside holiday where I’d go Trump cold turkey.

Trump himself announced a 17-day holiday starting the same week, so it was the perfect chance for me to get clean.

But my addiction is strong and my drug dealer ruthless. Within one day of our joint holiday, the Distractor-In-Chief issued a tsunami of tweets attacking the “fake” Russian investigation.

They became beach talk everywhere I went — but I gritted my teeth and kept my iPad shut, determined to stay clean — despite my growing withdrawal shakes.

Then Trump upped the ante again and actually put my life in jeopardy, by taking on Korean Lunatic-in-Chief Kim Jong Un — and threatening to take the world to war.

That’s when I finally recognized that I cannot resist Trump because he scares me to death. I worry the Blowhard-in-Chief will blurt out an errant late night tweet like:

“12:14 a.m.: Order: Take out Korea!

“12:21 a.m.: Oops, sorry — I meant ‘Order Korean take-out.’ ”

Now I’m hopelessly hooked again, furiously reading think pieces about Korea, while praying news reports are true about Trump’s two top cabinet generals.

They have reportedly promised not to leave the country at the same time, so there’s always an adult minding the Oval Office.

Meanwhile, I ask myself what dangerous new Trump substance I will be shooting up next. What if the Senate Russia hearings go after Trump’s son-in-law, or daughter, or even Trump himself?

Will he freak out and tell the entire Senate: “You’re fired!”? Will he issue a presidential pardon … for the president? Or just start a war to distract us?

The fact is: I cannot not read the news anymore. I am addicted to Donald Trump and powerless to resist him.

For now, all I can manage is two of the 12 steps of AA members. I take things one day at a time and I try hard to believe there is “a higher power that can restore my sanity” — like the U.S. Supreme Court, or Congress. Or the special prosecutor.

Anyways, gotta go — Trump is tweeting.

"I tried doing hits of Macron, bongs of Brexit, tokes of Trudeau — lighter political addictions I could replace Trump with, then phase out later."

Wow we should be impressed by the rantings of a stoned old Canadian.

If he is soo weak minded he just cant miss a tweet why bother?

Hey dummies, report on the important issues and give up on the fake news.

I love the ccnn coverage of "President Trumps white supremacist army". Where was the outrage as Ferguson burned?

What a joke.

It looked to me that both sides were armed and ready to do battle. I couldn't tell who was who on the footage.

Hey enlightened ones,Ppease explain the difference between black lives matter, the black panthers and the white supremacists?

There isnt one they all are hate groups.

  1. the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
    "his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment"

But back on topic:

As usual no substantive response.

This proves I am correct.

Beautiful day here see ya.

You want "substantive"? we go:

Youtube is for the weak minded .

I bet Wally has his own channel.

Look at me, Look at me.

I do!



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