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Are the AntiFa and BLM organizations getting too violent?

Started by Good Morning Boquete. Last reply by Walter Steiner 2 hours ago. 7 Replies

How not to offend a Liberal this Halloween.....

Started by Good Morning Boquete. Last reply by Walter Steiner 2 hours ago. 4 Replies

Hey, let's be careful out there.

Started by jimandnena. Last reply by jimandnena 7 hours ago. 6 Replies

Remember that discussion about the Chinese renminbi?

Started by jimandnena. Last reply by Walter Steiner 22 hours ago. 1 Reply

The Panama papers

Started by jimandnena 23 hours ago. 0 Replies

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Comment by Michael Ellis yesterday

As much as I want to have normal relations with Trumpettes, this buffon over and over and over again is shouting outright...I AM A BAD AND EVIL MORON....I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING AND SUPPORT THE WORST OF THE USA!!!!

Sorry, I am done with you folks that support this catastrophe, may god have a soul, because obviously, you dont.......good luck with that.

Comment by Walter Steiner yesterday
Two of them live in Caldera (if Kelvin is still in Panama). They probably meet at Melissa's. A place to be avoided at all cost!
Comment by Keith Woolford yesterday

Wondering where the "violent far left organizations" in Boquete get together?

Sounds like there's more than one.

Comment by Walter Steiner yesterday
"American patriotism" practiced by an ANONYMOUS "patriot" who calls himself "Good Morning Boquete":

- "respects" a piece of cloth or a song;

- insults/denigrates more than half of the American population with childish anti-democrat memes each and every day;

- posts memes with racial innuendo.

Comment by Good Morning Boquete yesterday

Look at this scumbag non-educated Canadian disrespecting American patriotism.


The majority of expats here in Boquete, from your own admission a town you do not live in nor ever visited, are Americans.  Try to find a site that welcomes your constant anti-American and pro-Swizz/Nazi agenda that you are always speaking of.

Attending a pre-university school as you did does not make you an educated person.  Go back to mixing concrete!

Dumpty Trumpty AKA Walter Steiner

Permalink Reply by Dumpty Trumpty 7 minutes ago

To get back to the subject matter: It's all about fake, nonsensical and childish patriotism anyway.

Why would one have to sing about the glory a country before watching a  bunch of overweight and overpaid kids with helmets run into each other?  Or before two guys punch each other senseless? Or before some guys in fancy cars play demolition derby on an oval track?

Do I have to stand up in front of the TV and salute the screen when the anthem is played or may I remain seated?

Some countries will glorify the flag and the anthem in order to foster a type of patriotism which makes it easier to justify wars and meddling in other countries' affairs and create lots of "heroes"...

Comment by Walter Steiner yesterday


In one of his lying and defamatory posts, a member who calls himself "Good Morning Boquete" (GMB) falsely accused me of writing a letter to the ACLU  for the purpose of trying to cause  Boquete.ning 's demise. When I read this letter (published and most likely -  judging by the poor grammar and improper usage of punctuation marks - written by GMB himself  and credited to me several times by this anonymous troll) I got curious as to what "ACLU" stands for. So I googled it.

Now I know that ACLU stands for "American Civil Liberties Union" and what it is all about:

"For almost 100 years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States".

Although I am not American, I find their "raison d'être" quite interesting and some of their recent articles about the current WH occupant struck a chord with me.

Such as this one, for example:

Does anyone agree with me that suppression (or threatened suppression) of free speech (which includes the words of the news media) is a sign of impending dictatorship or at the very least a partial revocation of the first Amendment ?

Comment by Good Morning Boquete yesterday

Comment by Walter Steiner on Monday
Agreed. Except for you calling GMB a "man"...
Comment by Royal Ford on Monday

Walter: the man is a pitiful dunce. this is last comment I will make on him. you should ignore him. 

Comment by Walter Steiner on Monday
So please explain your comment

"From the following photos of the rioting and looting, they sure look like they're Republicans to me."

If you say that it wasn't a sarcastic comment, it would be just be another one of your endless blatant lies...

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