2016 Holidays


New Years January 1, 2016
Wise Kings January 6, 2016
Day of the Martirs January 9, 2016 Banking Holiday. No alcohol sales

La Candelaria February 2, 2016
Carnivals from Saturday February 6 through Tuesday February 9, 2016 NO WORK AT MOST PLACES NO BANKS TUESDAY
Ash Wednesday February 10, 2016 - Most places reopen for business after lunch
Foundation of Colon February 27, 2016

David's International Fair from March 8 through March 18, 2016
San Jose de David March 19, 2016
Expo Orquideas in Boquete from March 24 through April 3, 2016
Good Thursday March 24, 2016 Alcohol sales are restricted and most places are closed
Good Friday March 25, 2016 Alcohol sales are prohibited and everything is closed
Holy Saturday March 26, 2016 Alcohol sales resume after lunch most places reopen
Easter Sunday March 27,2016

Foundation of Changuinola April 17, 2016

Labor Day May 1, 2016 Banking Holiday

Father's Day June 19, 2016

Dia de los Ninos - Children's Day July 17, 2016

Foundation of Old Panama August 15, 2015

Dia de la Raza or Discovery of America October 12, 2016

Month of the Homeland

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead November 2, 2016
Separation from Colombia November 3, 2016
Day of the Flag November 4, 2016
No banks or work these days
Day of Proclamation of Independence n
November 10, 2016
Day of Independence November 12, 2016
Mostly celebrated in Los Santos
Saint Felix Patron November 20, 2016
Independence from Spain November 28, 2016 Biggest Holiday. No work

Mother's Day December 8, 2016 No work
Noche Buena December 24, 2015 Most places work half day
Christmas December 25, 2016 No work
New Year's Eve December 31, 2016 Most places work half day.

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