Boquete Recycle

Boquete Recycling

Each Tuesday we invite you to bring all your recyclables to the fairgrounds at Gate 4. We open at 8am and close at 12 noon.  Please be sure to Wash all you bring beforehand and sort them according to type. If you cannot do this at home, we invite you to Sort them at the site and put them in the proper place yourselves. We are not getting enough volunteers to do all this sorting without your help.
If you can volunteer to help for even an hour tomorrow, please let me know. Reply here if you wish or send me a message.    how611 at gmail dot com.     thanks!! 

Boquete has a another option for Recycling. Monday to Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm, the recycle place is located beside the Bible Fellowship.  They only take the following items:

Cardboard, Steel, Aluminum Cans, Clear Wine Bottles, Newspaper and White Paper, Iron, Copper, Bronze, and Car Batteries.

About Once every Month or so, we have this option for all recycling.  We will let you know the next date here

We will have new hours due to rainy weather: 7 am to 12 noon.  No donations will be accepted after 12 noon.
Same location just past Boquete Visitors’s Center on your way out of town, on your left.
Please separate  all of your bottles clear from colored this time. Be sure to wash any thing you contribute that held food item, sodas, etc.  No styrofoam, please.
As before we could really use your help if you can pitch in a couple of hours.  Please email me with time you can come and if there is anyone else coming with you, please give all names.

This event is held in the same place every month this year. On your left as you leave downtown Boquete, just after you pass the Visitors Center in Alto Boquete. This turn is before the Terpel station on your right.

Once every month or so, there is a larger event on a Sunday, organized by some Boquete Residences, that you can bring all your Recyclables to. We will announce at the top of this page, when that date is.

If you are interested in a cleaner Boquete and want to help raise consciousness of your fellow expats and Boqueteños…

Please consider joining in our efforts. 

We have had several activities to date, notably, we have twice joined together for trash pick ups along on our highways. We provided some of the needed supplies, but extra bags and gloves were appreciated.

And we have found a need for additional collection of items not accepted at the local recycle center next door to Boquete Bible Fellowship. This important service has occurred three times in 2018, once each month, on a Sunday from 7am to 12pm where you are encouraged to bring in clean recycled plastic bottles and bags, as well as almost anything else plastic, of any color, as well as any glass containers of any color. As an additional service, you may bring newspaper, cardboard, other metal cans, whether aluminum or tin, and small batteries. We encourage you to separate these in advance or we must do it at the collection site. Please remove all lids and bring those too, in a separate bag.

We will give you notice as soon as possible when we are given a location to hold this event. So far, we have three times used the slaughterhouse, on the way to Dolega, just a short distance from the Cefati; that is the Boquete Visitors Center.

Our purpose is to greatly reduce what must go to our landfills, and to educate our children to be more consciousness so they will not litter.


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