Donating Blood In Panama

Donating blood or  obtaining the required blood from qualified donors could be a challenge in Panama. Due to the hardship when trying to find donors and blood in case of emergencies, they have eased up their requirements, however, here is a list of the minimum requirements that have to be met in order to qualify as a blood donor:

  • Only adults can donate and must be between  18 and 65 years of age
  • Must weight over 110 lbs., no matter what age or height
  • Must be in general good health. Feel good, no cuts or wounds, cavities, recent infections, colds, flus or any other symptom
  • Must have normal Blood Pressure and not be on any kind of BP medications
  • No surgeries in the past 6 months
  • No tattoos or piercings in the last 4 months
  • Minimum of 12.5 Hemoglobin for women and 13.5 Hemoglobin for men
  • If you have Hep B, C  HIV or any venereal disease, or live with anyone who does you cannot donate
  • You cannot donate blood if you have any type of diabetes or take insulin
  • Current valid ID or Passport
  • You many not donate if you have visited a Tropical country in the past 6 months
  • Live at least six months consecutively in the country of Panama (if you did a border run even a few hours, you cannot donate)
  • Be honest during the interview, disclose your medical history and any medications you are or have taken in the last 6 months
  • Drink plenty of fluids and eat light before donating
  • Limited to 3 times a year for women and 4 times a year for me with a 2 month rest period in between
  • Provide the name and information of the person you are donating to, otherwise you can voluntarily donate at a Blood Bank or your local hospital.
  • If donating for a specific person, must be the same blood type. If donating voluntarily blood type does not matter

For the residents and visitors of Boquete Panama

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