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So, Panamanians speak Spanish, but their Spanish is filled with slang's that are only used and understood by Panamanians, so living in Panama may pose some difficulties if your Spanish is right out of a dictionary.

Here are some of the common used slang's for you to rehearse and have fun with your Spanish friends who will help teach you;

When you ignore or avoid someone - Chifeando, Chifea, Chifeo

When you are drunk or hung over - Jumao  or juma

Your friends are - Pasieros

They did not scam you, you were - Transado

When you are mad, you are Cabreado

When you are super upset - Emputado

Nap times are called - Un cinco

When you are drinking you are Chupando

and you when you are a drunk/alcoholic you are a Chuposo

They are not beers they are Pintas or Frias

They are not a smart asses or assholes they are Ratas

When you need a ride, you ask for a Bote

Liquor is most often referred to as Guaro

When referring to a homosexual, the term is Cueco or Cueca (male or female)

When you want to tell someone off, tell them they are eating shit then they are Pajeandose 

When the party gets crazy its a Poncehera

If referring to a crazy person, they they are Ponchy

When you are having a get together with friends, you are Parking or Parqueando

When all is good, then ta'cool

When something is nice its Pritty (not pretty)

If someone is slow or not all there then they are ahuevao

When someone is not doing things right esta en la ahuevazon

It's not dumb, es Pendejo

Security guards are Wachimanes

Cigarettes are simply Blancos

When someone is broke is either Pelao or Limpio

When a lady is attractive she is a Pay (pie)

She is not fine, she Esta Buena

But if she is ugly she is a Bagre

Your house is your Chantin

A traffic cop is a Tongo

Strip joints are called Pelo Pelo

Gambling is referred to as Birrear or Birreo

Oh my God! simply referred to as Ayala Vida

A joint is a Bate

When there is a problem, drama, situation between people (i.e.HOA disputes) they are Arroz con Mango oPandemonio or Se Prendio el Rancho if they situation escalates to a fight

You don't have a lot or too much, you have Buco

If someone is just a bad employee or a slow person who does not carry their own weight, then they are a Bulto

It's not bootleg, it's Gallo or Brujo

Gossip happens in every culture, but here is Bochinche

Junk food and sweets or snacks from the Chino are referred to Burundanga

If someone does work on the side, they are doing un Camaron

We do not use the N word, although in Panama it is not bad or a racial slur, a black guy is a Chombo, Negroor if you are very nice Moreno

Sloppy work is Chambon

Sloppy worker is Choborro

If you are relaxing and having a good time, you are Chillin'

A baby is called a Bebe or a Chichi

When someone is jerking you off, or making a fool out of you, then they have you as Chuchita

If you are betting on something or playing lotto, you are Chingeando

Going to the small grocery store in the corner, means going to El Chino

A small bus for public transportation is a Chiva 

The guy that takes your money in the bus or the Chiva and is the bus driver's assistant is a Pavo

A tractor trailer/18 wheeler truck is a Mula

(this is when you hear a Mula crashing into a Chiva and the Pavo being injured, and at no point it refers to animals)

If you are worried about something or concerned then you have Culillo

If in the city, you will see the big red buses with bright decorations, those are called Diablo Rojos

When you are privileged to meet or know someone important, that person is a Ficha

If you carry a blade or knife as a weapon, then it's a Filo

Smack someone around and it's a Guebazo

Trying to outsmart the system, play smart  or be a smart ass to gain from a situation is called Juega Vivo

A small/young child is a Pelao or Pelaito

Freeloaders are referred to as Manzanillos

a criminal is a Maleante

If in Chiriqui, and you are saying Ok, OMG, Oh wow, Meto will do it

If someone is in agreement with you, you may hear Ofi or Oficial from them

If they are leaving Van Pa'Lante

If the guy is a womanizer and is known for having multiple women then he is a Perro

But the highest offense to a Panamanian woman is calling her a Perra  or a Zorra

a $0.50 coin is a Peso

a $0.10 coin is a Dime

a $0.05 coin is a Real

If someone shows up unannounced or uninvited all the time, then they are Paracaidas

If you have a trash pile you have a Pataconcito

Someone who is too ghetto is a Rakataca

If you are having a bad luck streak, then you are Salado

The reggae style Panamanian music is called Plena

If you are a cheap bastard, you are a Perron

Popcorn is known as Millo

A troublemaker that gets into gossip, fights and some kind of drama often is Rambulero

If they are spanking their children, they are giving them a Rejera or a Rejo

One night stands are called a Grubeo

If you are wearing your best outfit, then you are in Talla or Talla'o

If they have a gun, they may have a Trueno

When you are collecting money between friends to buy something, it's called a Vaca

A thing, an event or a happening it's called a Vaina

If you are from a well to do area or white collar, then you are Yeye

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