Medical Resources


Call Alto al Crimen Hotline at 6477-6662, for help in getting an ambulance or other emergency assistance in English.

Rodny emergency service: email for a subscription to his service. 

There is a group for attending emergencies that can be solved or stabilized here in Boquete, on off hours, on weekends, holidays, and weekdays at night. The service activates by calling BOQUETE MEDICAL  AND ASSOCIATES at 6619-7911. You will be attended in the Alfa clinic by a local physician and paramedic (Dr. Yanko Guillen, Dra. Nelly Quiroz or Dra. Sue King Loo)  All of them speak English.


Dr. Chen, Boquete, 6676-7132 General practice.  Will make house calls and has an off hours bell to his residence.  Office across the street from Melo.    He practices at the Caja de Seguro Social until 3 PM daily, then in his office.  Usually, no waiting, speaks very good English.  Also has a very good doctor in practice with him now, Dr. Gomez, but his partners change from time to time.

Dra. Sue King Loo  Chung and Dr. Alfonso Mou, 720-2434.  Her cell is 6949-5998, and she speaks English.  Boquete, General practice. Clinica Alta, next to La Reyna on the main street. 8:30 – 12 and 1 – 5:30.   

 Clinica Valle Boquete, private clinic, no phone. General practice.  Across from the back of the fire station.  7 AM – 7 PM or maybe 9 PM.  Several doctors there at various times, some of whom speak English.    Dr. Yanko Guillen, especially recommended M-Tu mornings, Th-F aft and ever.  Appts are $7.50, $6 jubilado.

Ministry of Health Clinic, Mon – Fri, 7 am – 7 pm, next to Romero.

Dra. Boya, family medicine, office in the clinic across from Mike’s Global Grill. 6728-3098.  

Dra. Digna Virginia Diaz, Specialist internal medicine, and aesthetic medicine. Can certify good health for over 70 driver’s license.  Patients by appointment only - cellphone: 6615-6740.  For an appointment, call between 12 pm - 7 pm, all days.  Home visits are available.  Very good English spoken.  Available days in Boquete: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays after 1 pm.  She sees patients in several locations, so she will tell you where your appt will be.


Hospital Chiriqui, David   774-0128

Centro Medico Mae Lewis, David   775-4616, small hospital, 10 rooms.

PUBLIC HOSPITALS:  (for Panamanians or auto accidents if they don’t know where to take you)

Regional Hospital (also called the Social Security Hospital )  adults:   775-2162

Hospital Jose Domingo de Obaldia, for obstetrics and children:  775-4222


ALLERGY AND INTERNAL MEDICINE:  Dr. Manuel Espinoza Goldman, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128  X2245.

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, GYNECOLOGY, THERMOGRAMS:  Dr. Maximo Pinzon,  Panama City, 263-7910, cell 6672-1901. 

CARDIOLOGY:  Dr. Alexander Adames, Chiriqui Hospital, 777-8016.  6674-1477.  Need appt.  Also has privileges at Punta Pacifica Hospital in Panama City.

Dr Norberto Javier Calzada, Cardiologos assoc Panama City,, 204-8395, 269-0566

Dr. Domingo Correa, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X 2024

Dr. Franklin Anguizola, Mae Lewis, 774-2453


Dr. Jorge Che, Hospital Chiriqui Consultorios #309, Angiograms and Vascular surgery for arteries, veins and lymph.  Speaks English.774-0128 X3226, cell 6429-1243. email

Dr. Pedro Escheverria, cardiovascular and endovascular surgery,Hospital Punta Pacific and Clinica Hospital San Fernando,204-8538 office, cell 6670-3335,  email

Dr. Chi Shing Man Wan, Hospital Chiriqui, Clinic CINAM 774-1435. Speaks English


Dra. Monica Sanjur, Boquete, 720-1152, cell 6748-0006

Dra Luz Barria-Cruz, Boquete, next to Machu Picchu restaurant, 720-1735 or 6643-5490.

Dr. Guillermo Arosema, David, 775-1301, implants, root canals, crowns

Dra Magalys Luz, David, 777-4887,  6611-1939,  across from Revilla Farmacia  about 100 yards past Rodelag.

Dr. Franklin Halphern, David, 775-3344, cell 6673-3563, root canals, periodontics, crowns, etc.  Good English.

Dr Alfredo Spiegel, David, 775-2683, cell 6614-9087.

Dr Karina Granada, David, 6675-9025, near Tambu  (Tamurelli) Restaurant

Dr. Vanessa Lambiz  6676-5704., Chiriqui Hospital. 774-0124  X2412.  Fair English

Dr. Charly Garcia, Avenida Balboa, Panama City.  264-4380

Dr Juan CarloOrtiz Hugues, endodontist, across from Emergency at Chiriqui Hospital.  Odonto Advance Clinica, 730-7169, good English

Dr  Ana Ventura, 6076-2284  implants, crowns, OdontonAdvance Clinica,  good English

DERMATOLOGY:  Dra  Deyla Rodriguez de Vergara, Chiriqui Hospital #111, 774-0124  X3056.  Can freeze age spots.    Skin, hair, nails, facial enhancement 6266-8899. Some English.

Dr Armando Mocci , Panama City, 269-5222

Dra Karen Zapata Montenegro, Hospital Chiriqui 774-0128, X3225,

Dr, Hipolito Gonzales, Panama City, Patilla Hospital, 269-5222, 263-7977 central lines to the hospital.  Ask for his clinic.


Dr. Alvaro Candanedo, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8011, 774-0128 X2024.  Walk in starting at 3:00PM

Dr Carlos A Beitia , Centro Medico Paitilla,  Panama City, 6614-6448, 269-3387,206-2458
264-5155/811 (Beeper)

ENDOCRINOLOGY AND INTERNAL MEDICINE:  Dr. Alvaro Panchon Burgos, Mae Lewis, 775-4176, cell 6615-2440 or 6714-7784.

Dr Enrique Mendoza, San Fernando Hospital Clinic, Via Espagna, Panama City, Phone 308-6300  (central number)  Speaks English and French.

Dr. Alvaro Pachon,diabetes specialist and internist,  office in Mae Lewis.  Cell phone #6615-2440.  Speaks good English.

GASTROENTEROLOGY:  Dr. Carlos Abadia, Chiriqui Hospital, 1st floor,774-0128  X3056 or 3085, cell 6616-8406, specializes in Colon/procto problems, laproscopy,  good English. .

Dr. Enrique Fernandez, Mae Lewis Hospital, Asillo verde #10, Mon – Fri- 3:30 pm to 6 PM, in order of arrival, Speaks some English, 775-5566, 775=4616

Dra. Velkys Betia, Mae Lewis Hospital, 775-4616, cell 6690-2236.  Also liver specialist.  Make sure she understands that she has to handle the insurance forms. 

Dr. Jose Mendez, Consultorios Medicos Patilla, Pimer Piso, No 118, Panama City.263-7977, 269-5222, direct 206-2594***

GENERAL MEDICINE:  Dr. Rimsky Sucre at Clinica Einstein, Panama City, 264-7110, Via Argentina, El Edificio Einstein #57

GERONTOLOGIST:  Dra. Luz Vizuette, Chiriqui and Mae Lewis Hospitals, 775-4616 X298, cell 6612-4293. 2D Mae Lewis Hospital,

See also Dr. Tobon, Internist.

HEMATOLOGIST:  Dr  Carlos Montero,  Chiriqui Hospital, 774-0128 X2245. 

Dr. Luis Harris Zamora, Mae Lewis Hospital, hematology and internal medicine, after 3:30 pm in order of arrival, Mon, Wed, Fri only.  775-4616, cell 6674-2499.



Dr Cesar de Garcia, 775-6666, Hospital Cooperativo in David.

 Dr. Nestor Sosa, infectious disease expert and director of Hospital Gorgas in Panama City.

INTERNAL MEDICINE:  Dr. Diaz 6615-6740, see first page.

Dr. Alcibiades Arosemena, Internal Medicine and Respiratory Disease. Hospital Chiriqui, 2nd floor, Consultorio #4, 774-0128 X3126, cell 6124-2035

Dr. Llerana, Mae Lewis Hospital, 775-4616.

Dr. Julio Osorio, Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Intensive Care, Chiriqui Hospital, Clinic CINAM 774-1435, cell 6693-4642

Dra. Ligia Gonzales, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Mae Lewis Hospital, 775-4616 X315, cell 774-5515.  She can certify you to get a driver’s license at the age of 70. 


Dra Rubis Perez, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8076, cell 6614-8332, laparoscopy, very good English, ****

Dra. Yosiy Montes, 774-0128.  Some English, Hospital Chiriqui in the tower.

Dra. Ida Sam Rojas, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3085, 6561-1022.  Spanish  only but has English speaking assistant. 

Dr. Ariel Guerra, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X 3062

Dr Tomas Arias, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8024

Dra. Roxana Salcedo Montiel (speaks English) 777-8019, Hosp. Chiriqui, hours

NEPHROLOGY:  Dr. Marion Giron, Hospital Chiriqui, office hours from 3PM, 774-0128.  He speaks English, but the receptionist does not.  Also certified in internal medicine, but practice is nephrology.


Dr. Eimir Perez, Hospital Chiriqui and Panama City, 774-0128, cell 6619-4223.  Neurosurgeon.

Dr. Valderrama A, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X  2200, 777-8080, cell 6450-4735.

Dra. Evelia Gomez Wong, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurophysiology, Clinica San Fernando Norte, Panama City, 305-6355

ONCOLOGY:  Dr. Jose Fabrega,  ,  excellent English,  Hospital  Paitilla Consultorios Medicos, next to Multicentro Mall
 263.7977   269.5222      also  263 7977   ext   2358  or 2359

OPTHAMOLOGY:   Dr.  Adriano Young Leon, Hospital Mae Lewis, 777-2324 or 775-4616, specializes in cataract surgery.  Comes to David twice a month.

Dr Augosto Arosemena, Patilla Hospital, PC, office 206-2424, speaks English

Dr. Marino Rivera, 774-6600, Spanish only.

Dr. Miguel Wong, 229-2967, 6729-7060, comes to David on weekends.

Dra. Sonia Gordon, Mae Lewis, 777-4171, 775-4616 X 319 or 317.

 Dra. Mitzi Arias, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128. 

Dr. Roberto Vasquez, Consultorios Medicos Paitilla 6th Floor, Panama City

206-2569 (Direct), 269-5222 (Central) 

Dra.  Ana Victoria Paz, Retinal Specialist, Consultarios San Fernando, PC,. 6618-4337 cell, 264-5155 office, 261-9440 fax

Dr. Edith Perez de Lopez, Hospital Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Retinal Specialist, 204-8434 or 203-6086, cell 6612-2453.  She speaks English, staff not so much.  Has retinal CT scanner.

Clinica Yee, a family of opthalmogists who specialize in surgery, retinology, cataracts, 230-0005, Panama City

Dr. Ruben Orillac,  Opthamologist in Panama City. His partner is Dr. Ernesto Calvo.   Clinica De Ojos Orillac-Calvo, Balboa Plaza 201-202, phone #269-7475; 269-7476;269-7477

Dr. Miguel A. Molina, eye surgeon in Chiriqui Hospital.   6670-2121     774-0128

Dr. Juan Petrocelli, Chiriqui Hospital, Tower 3, Office 4, speaks English, Appts 6876-5556, 6568-3335.


Dr Eric Tortosa, Chiriqui Hospital,, 6612-6484.  Very good English.   

Dr. Arkel Gonzales, Ortho and trauma, specialist in feet and ankles.  Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128, direct line to office774-4500.  Also at Patilla Hospital  Consultorios Medicos, in PC.  Speaks English.

Dr. Donaldo Baez.  Speaks some English.  Trauma, orthopedics, arthroscopy, joint replacement, knee surgery.  Hosp. Chiriqui   777-8085 or 774-0128, Centro Medico Mae Lewis  774-4600  Cell:  6618-7534,

Dr. Victor Rivera Man, Consultorio #6, Chiriqui Hospital, 777-8037, 6619-7497, personal cell 6618-4010.  Good English.

Dr. Martin Solis Giron, alternatives to surgery, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X 3125

Dr. Heraclio Barria, Hospital Chiriqui, office across the side street from Chiriqui Hospital, 774-0128 X2110, cell 6671-4444. Also practices at Paitilla Hospital  in Panama City 269-5222. Very good English

 Dr Jose Moreno , specializes in feet  and ankles. Swiss trained, excellent English.  204-8587    Punta Pacifica Hospital in Panama City

Dr. Pretto, shoulder specialist, alternatives to surgery, 6616-7042, Chiriqui Hospital

PALLIATIVE CARE:  Dr. Luz Vizuette .Specializes in geriatric care and can prescribe narcotic pain relievers 6612-4293, Mae Lewis Hospital.  Speaks excellent  English.

Dr  Bruna C. Chin at Mae Lewis and Regional Hospital.  775-4616.


PHYSICAL THERAPY:  Rene Estribi 6983-3914  Social Security Clinic in Boquete and private practice.

Johana Pitti, House calls in Boquete, teaches Physical Therapy and works for MINSA. 6469 6434

Jennifer Jimenez, speaks English, 720-3174, 6281-4827  email:  Licensed Physical Therapist :  Practices in patients' homes or local area gym.  Post stroke neurological recuperation and Aqua Therapy.

Jessica Bell, physiotherapy and rehab,  6211-7011, Alto Boquete across from KM35 restaurant,  House calls.

PLASTIC, ESTHETIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY: Dr. Roberto Tribaldos, Patilla Hospital in Panama City, phone 206-2594, cell 6613-4410.  Also practices in David at Chiriqui by special arrangement.

Dr. Luis Crespo, Punta Pacifica Hospital, 1st floor,  Room  # 163,  excellent English,  does reconstructive  surgery,  breast surgery,  highly recommended.       204-8481  or   204  8552

PSYCHIATRY:  Dr. Vejarano, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0218.

Dr. Ramon de Aguilar Alvarado, Mae Lewis, 775-4616 X 316, cell 6674-6141.

Dr. Waldemar Oliveros, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3224, 775-5155

PULMONOLOGY (LUNG)  Dra. Xiomara Nunez, 774-2453

Dr. Rafael Rodriguez, Chiriqui, 774-0128, respiratory and internal medicine. 774-1435 or  774-0128  X2245   Cell 6614-8590.Speaks very good English.


RADIOLOGY:  Dr. Jamie Bravo, Sonogram and X ray.

RHEUMATOLOGY:  Dr. Generoso Guerra, Calle 53 in Panama City 340-9977 or 9978, 263-3283 fax X2000,2003,  263-3464

SPEECH THERAPY:  Betty Landis, 6540-7016

SURGERY:  Dr Samuel Cattan, surgery and internal medicine, 775-4616, Mae Lewis Hospital.

Dra. Jossary Prieto, general surgery, Chiriqui Hospital 6151-7808

Dr. Erick Miranda Rivera, 775-4616 X257, surgery and coloproctology

UROLOGY: Dr. Arias, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X2035

Dr. Marta Sanchez, 777-2588.  Speaks English.  Chiriqui Hospital.  777-2588 or 774-0128  X3134

Dr. Enrique Aleman, Consultorios  Medicos Paitilla 3rd Floor, Panama City

263-2795, 206-2477 (appointments



INTERPRETER:  Lola Braxton, David, $8 per hour, good medical translation skills, 6607-9423

CHIRIQUI HOSPITAL:  Maribel Malbonado, Administration Finance, 774-0128 or 6679-0059

MAE LEWIS HOSPITAL:  Elsa Herrera, Patient Assistant, 775-4616.  She speaks English.    

PUNTA PACIFICA HOSPITAL: The contact person at Hospital Punta Pacifica now is Brenda Warner de Gibbs. Her direct phone line is 204-8246, e-mail  She speaks English well and is very helpful.

Call Alto al Crimen Hotline at 6477-6662, for help in getting an ambulance or other emergency assistance in English.

Rodny emergency service: email for subscription to his service. 

There is a group for attending emergencies that can be solved or stabilized here in Boquete, on off hours, on weekends, holidays, and weekdays at night. The service activates by calling BOQUETE MEDICAL  AND ASSOCIATES at 6619-7911. You will be attended in the Alfa clinic by a local physician and paramedic (Dr. Yanko Guillen, Dra. Nelly Quiroz or Dra. Sue King Loo)  All of them speak English.

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