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Boquete.Ning is a privately owned "social' site for people interested in life in Boquete and the goings-on in our community.

Please keep on topic when participating in a discussion.  Comments which are off topic, personally abusive, insulting or threatening may be removed.

Postings and comments made here are the sole responsibility of the person who originated them.

 Content not permitted in the Forum are:

1. Advertisements for anything (post those in the appropriate Group)

2. Personal Attacks of Others

3. Sex, Porn, Foul Language or the like

4. Defamation Of Others 

5. No Classifieds ( post in Classifieds ) 

* You may create post(s) which could be of a personal nature;  We do ask once you establish such a post and if it becomes commented by a select group if you would have the courtesy to move that post to an existing group or create one yourself.  (Ning management reserves the right to move such if it feels necessary. 


Blogs are for posting information and discussions of a more personal nature, and Groups are where you will find postings specifically related to a subject. A member can make this determination of posting in or group or strictly for the forum.


Please keep your comments relevant to the subject of the discussion. Play nice.  Comments which are off topic, personally insulting, abusive or threatening may be removed without notice.  Members who bait, troll or flame or whose comments are abusive may be banned without notice. Anyone who does post(s) comments which a 3rd party could construe as slander all parties agree the liability falls completely on the writer of such posts.

Boquete Ning will not be held liability or take responsibility for the actions of its members or readers.  Any and all members agree to this as a member or reader of Boquete Ning and agree to hold Boquete Ning and or its owners or staff harmless as a condition of membership.     

The admins of this site will determine what constitutes a violation of the rules.  If you don't like how Boquete.Ning is managed, please close your account and move on.  Your ''right to free speech'' is not part of the deal here.  

The management of Boquete.ning reserves the right to terminate any and all members they determine to be abusive to others for any reason. 


For the residents and visitors of Boquete Panama.RT

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