MORINGA, The Tree of Life!

Moringa is a plant that demonstrates strength and vitality in that it is able to thrive and thrive prolifically in a wide variety of conditions. Moringa is known as the tree of life in the holistic natural health world. Moringa is one of the worlds most complete botanicals. For centuries, this powerful plant has been used throughout the world as regional traditional healing medicine.

After studying the 13 species of Moringa and discovering its high nutritional content, there has been an effort to use this gifted plant to help in the battle against world hunger, malnutrition and starvation.

Moringa is a real powerhouse of nutrition. Moringa is commonly used successfully to help provide long lasting energy, increased mental awareness and increased endurance, to strengthen bones and enrich our blood. For those of us that exercise, this would be a powerful tool to aid us in our training. As we age, energy levels naturally go down, but with the proper nutrition, we can maintain the high levels that we seek and enjoy

                                      Moringa’s Powerful Nutritional Value

Fresh Moringa Leaves                                                       Dried Moringa Leaves (gram for gram)

4x more beta carotene that carrots                                     10x more vitamin A than carrots

7x more vitamin C than oranges                                          50% more vitamin C than oranges

4x more calcium than milk                                                   17x more calcium than milk

2x more protein than yogurt                                                 9x more protein than yogurt

3x more potassium than bananas                                        15x more potassium than bananas

74% more iron than spinach                                                25x more iron than spinach

Starting to get the idea? Moringa is loaded with minerals and amino acids as well making it a marvelous organic source of nutrition, energy and endurance. This is a MUST superfood that should be en everyones diet!

Studies support Moringa acting as an adaptogen with bi directional properties. Moringa has been shown to regulate several of our human bodily systems such as reducing inflammation, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and calming the nervous system.

The Moringa tree harnesses an abundance of energy and one can see and feel this during the harvesting process. The picked leaves must be processed within hours. The piles of fresh leaves actually get hot and will start to cook itself and render the product useless by destroying the thermo sensitive chemical compounds and the live beneficial enzymes. This Tree of Life is full of Life and Energy!

The key to unlocking the TOTAL beneficial component of the fresh Moringa is to use the dynamic freeze dry process that used no heat and by sublimation is stripped of its water content, then by being in a vortex, the product is broken along its natural cellular structure leaving us a live and totally bioavailable end product. Imagine being able to only absorb all that Moringa has for us! Now imagine taking other true superfoods and creating a blend targeting specific bodily functions or systems. The products will be available shortly. All organic, no GMO anything, Dynamically freeze dried and ready to change our health as we know it. For those of you that completely understand what is happening, you realize that we just arrived to another curve in technology. Just like the first cell phones or the internet. This curve will touch us individually, but the difference is that it will be inside our bodies. I was an Apple computer user when Apple first came out with their computers. I had no idea what what was to come. Everyone says “If I only knew then what I know now”, experience teaches us. This is real and I am here to tell everyone that if we embrace this, we will benefit, change our health as we know it and give US a chance to take our health and well being into our own hands! There is no one more excited than me.

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